Communist Drag Queen Chosen To Read At Fall River Library Has Long History Of Violent And Disturbing Posts On Facebook


There are many things posted on Facebook by the subject of this blog that violate Google AdSense’s policies. Therefore we will not post them on here, but if you would like to see them you can read the uncensored version of this story on TBS by clicking here

“Drag Queen Story Hour” came to Fall River this weekend, and it was quite the controversy.

NBC10:  It was standing room only for a Drag Queen story time event at the Fall River Public Library Saturday. Naomi Chomsky, a drag performer used to establishments such as clubs and restaurants, said this was the first time doing story time for children at a library. She said the event had a meaningful message.

“No matter who you are you’re somebody who deserves love, you deserve respect. You deserve to have your identity respected, your pronouns respected,” said Chomsky.

Outside the library there was protest and prayer. Members of a local church were demonstrating against the event.

“If people aren’t warned or informed, they’re going to be drug over by yet another immoral movement of America,” said Pastor Michael Johnson of the Temple Baptist Church of Fall River.

Let me start by saying that using religion to prove your point is an ineffective way to convert people who aren’t religious. And as you will see, there are many things wrong with this particular speaker that have nothing at all to do with religion. Naomi Chomsky’s real name is Josh Kilby.

I have no issue with a man putting on woman’s clothing. However, I do have an issue with men who believe that this is what it means to be a woman.

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Some of the images are much more graphic, so I won’t post them here. But again, feel free to see the uncensored version on TBS by clicking hereIt’s pretty disturbing.

This is a caricature of feminism, and it mocks women. It’s no different from white people painting their faces black and exaggerating certain features in order to mock black people in the 1800’s. Today we universally condemn blackface, but this is celebrated. Ironically the people doing this are the same folks who lecture others about “cultural appropriation,” while they appropriate women’s culture and make a mockery of it.

Libraries are institutions of learning, and I think it’s great that children are invited in to hear guest speakers read to them. However, it shouldn’t be political brainwashing, and the people who read should be chosen because they’re intellectuals. There are plenty of doctors, architects, and other highly educated people capable of reading to children in the south shore and Rhode Island area. But instead of pursuing them the Fall River Library pursued this man because he puts on a dress and excessive amounts of makeup in order to mock femininity.

A look at Josh’s Facebook page shows you why this individual has no business reading to children, and confirms that his only qualification is being a man who wears women’s clothing in public. Keep in mind that his page is public, and the kids he was reading to could all easily access all of these things you are about to read.

He openly uses homophobic slurs,

He posts disgusting sexual things that I’m not going to post on here, but you are free to read on Turtleboy Sports. Let’s just say, they’re completely inappropriate for someone who is being propped up by the community as some sort of role model. I don’t judge what consenting adults choose to do in the bedroom. But I do judge grown adults who post explicit details about their sexual escapades on a public Facebook page.

Josh is also an outspoken communist who frequently posts about inciting revolution against the state, and regularly uses words like “comrades” in his every day vocabulary.

He praised Fidel Castro, despite the fact that he imprisoned, tortured, and murdered millions of Cuban dissidents.

Let’s also remember that Castro was notoriously intolerant of homosexuals, and certainly would’ve imprisoned and/or executed Josh had he been born there.

We would never come to believe that a homosexual could embody the conditions and requirements of conduct that would enable us to consider him a true revolutionary, a true communist militant,” Castro told an interviewer in 1965. “A deviation of that nature clashes with the concept we have of what a militant communist should be.”

It wasn’t long after Castro came to power that police began rounding up gay men. In 1965, the regime established prison work camps known as Military Units to Aid Production (UMAP), into which it deposited homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other “undesirable” elements. 

Openly homosexual people were prevented from joining the Communist Party and fired from their jobs. One of the country’s most distinguished writers, Reinaldo Arenas, recounted the prison experience he and countless other gay men endured in his memoir Before Night Falls. “It was a sweltering place without a bathroom,” he wrote. “Gays were not treated like human beings, they were treated like beasts. They were the last ones to come out for meals, so we saw them walk by, and the most insignificant incident was an excuse to beat them mercilessly.”

People this ignorant of history have no business reading to kids. We should be promoting intellectuals who understand the world as role models to children, not people who are advocating for systems that oppress and murder people.

He also speaks highly of the communist revolution in Russia.

George Orwell wrote Animal Farm to illustrate to people that the violent revolution in Russia didn’t bring the equality that Lenin and others had promised. Instead it brought them more authoritarian dictatorship, which led to the mass murder of free thinkers.

Genocide scholar Adam Jones claims that “there is very little in the record of human experience to match the violence unleashed between 1917, when the Bolsheviks took power, and 1953, when Joseph Stalin die. Some historians estimated that the numbers killed by Stalin’s regime were 20 million or higher. In the latest 2007 revision of his book The Great Terror, Robert Conquest estimates that while exact numbers will never be certain, the Communist leaders of the Soviet Union were responsible for no fewer than 15 million deaths. 

Keep in mind that Soviet law under Stalin expressly prohibited only male homosexuality, with up to five years of hard labor in prison. Josh Kilby is championing the deaths of 15-20 million Russians, all of whom were killed because they spoke out against the repression of civil liberties, like freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. Someone this ignorant has no business reading to children, but has been chosen anyway because of our culture’s glorification of anyone who claims to be socially virtuous.

According to Josh he chose the drag name Naomi Chomsky for political reasons.

So he’s not just a man who wants to dress as a woman. He’s a communist who is attempting to brainwash children at a public library.

What he says about the police is further evidence that he has no business reading to kids. He wants to abolish the police altogether.

Disarm them, while arming people like him.

He blames prosecutors when they put rapists and people like the Boston Marathon bomber in prison.

He thinks all cops should quit their job.

He refers to police as pigs frequently.

He believes that cops are Nazis.

He said that it was #gross when he saw anti-Trump protesters shaking hands with police.

Because would prefer that citizens not work cooperatively with the police, seeing as they are the “class enemy.”

He’s a proud supporter of Antifa, a violent group of thugs who assault anyone they disagree with, and recently posted a meme in which Antifa is crushing blue lives matter supporters.

Remember that blue lives matter is a group of people who simply believe that murdered police officers should be humanized and respected. Josh would like to see these people killed by Antifa.

He also wants to abolish ICE.

And believes that securing our border is racist.

He openly endorses physical violence against conservatives on Facebook, under the guise that everyone he disagrees with is a Nazi and therefore deserves to be punched.

And he’s unapolegitcally anti-semitic and believes that Jewish refugees who moved to Israel to escape the Holocaust (Zionists) are “garbage human beings.”

So again, my issue isn’t that the man chosen to read to children dresses in drag. My issue is that he is a communist who hates police, wants to abolish them altogether, urges people to NOT get along with the cops, openly posts disgusting sexual things on his public Facebook page, has no understanding at all of world history, advocates violence against people he disagrees with, is openly anti-semitic, mocks femininity, openly admits that his choice to be a drag queen was political, and was chosen by the City of Fall River to read books to children. My issue is that kids can go on his Facebook page, read all of the things he posted, and believe that these are ideals to aspire to. After all, their parents and the city’s library are telling them that Josh is some sort of role model.

The irony here is that Josh will call me hateful when he reads this blog. This is a standard tactic of hateful people in order to deflect from their violent and intolerant world view. But we know that logic, facts, and common sense are on our side, and we won’t be bullied into silence by people who silence dissidents by labeling them as hateful.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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