Concrete Cons Part 5: Nelson Rego Destroys People’s Property, Evades Child Support, Uses Stolen Money To Finance Singing Career


    Part 3, and Part 4.

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After we published part 4 last week, warning people of the long and documented history of court judgements against Nelson Rego, he put out this crying video on Facebook.


“I gave everything I have for these people. For them to turn around and do this, to talk all these horrible things about me. And here I am crying like a damn pussy. Like a stupid bastard, letting you see me crying. Because this is so stupid. This is crazy. I’m not looking for any sympathy.”

No, you stole everything from these people. They’re not turning anything around on you, they’re calling you out for being a thieving con-artist who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars and created fraudulent companies so that you could finance your failed singing career. You’re crying on Facebook because you’re pathetic and you’re hoping that doing so will elicit sympathy for you. But you are not the victim here, you are the bad guy.

Nelson has since blocked me on Facebook because he hates being called out for what he is in front of his “fans.” Feel free to comment on his wide open page by clicking here.

Nelson has also been called out by some in the Portuguese community.

However, just like so many stuck with Jasiel Correia because of his ethnic heritage, so too does the Azores mafia stick with Nelson Rego.

To the Michelle Perinho Correia’s of the world you cannot possibly be guilty of a crime if you are Portuguese.

It’s always an anti-Portuguese conspiracy.

His fanbase remains unfazed.

Listen to how horrible this song is, then read the comments and you’ll understand what the only thing they find appealing about Nelson Rego is.

Obviously he can’t make much money off this, which is why he scammed all these people for so long – to subsidize his career. Keep in mind, several of the people who took him to court were video production companies, and videos like this probably aren’t cheap to produce.

There is no market out there for creepy looking 47 year old Portuguese aspiring pop-stars.

And despite owing all these people money, and having nothing that even remotely resembles musical talent, he still gets invited to venues around the country to do shows.

This weekend he has a show at they Wyndham Garden Hotel North Bergen, NJ, presented by some bootleg company called A/A Music Entertainment, which doesn’t seem to exist.

This is not parody either. He actually takes his music seriously.

He has a “store” where he sells “official” Nelson Rego clothing and memorabilia, which appears to be nothing more than a Tee-spring website that uses his unimaginative logos with his hit song “him or me” (go with him), superimposed on stock photo of models.

“Hello fellow college campus student, have you heard the new Nelson Rego album Him or Me? I’d choose him, because despite being 20 and physically attractive I have a thing for men my father’s age in skinny jeans.”

Oh, and he does Christmas Carols too.

Nelson also must’ve used stolen money to pay for to have a six-part documentary about himself produced. Episode 1 is a day in the life that ends with the climax of him heading to the barbershop to get lined up, but also has him texting some friends, drinking protein mixes, and offering advice to aspiring artists and movie stars about how to be successful like him.

Episode 2 is him actually at the barbershop, followed by 20 minutes of him ranting about his greatest hits and the inspiration for each of them.

Episode 3 follows Nelson going out to eat at a glamorous restaurant in Taunton called Pearl, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A about his musical career from his Fall River studio.

Episode 4 is him wearing obscenely skinny jeans while interviewing another Portuguese DJ you’re supposed to know about named Jordan Paiva.

Episode 5 is another interview in which he does most of the talking about himself, while speaking to some guy Karl Amaral.

And finally episode 6 is him interviewing them all together before the middle aged mafia puts on a cringeworthy show together.

Again, he used stolen money to have this produced. This is a hobby for him, not a career, and it’s financed off his victims. I spoke with a police officer who has dealt with Nelson before:

I’m in law enforcement, and know that Nelson has been arrested 6 or more times for child support and civil warrants from courts all over the state. I even located him when Fall River PD was looking for him on criminal charges related to his concrete business. Rego now lives in Fall River and drives vehicles usually registered to his mother. He has lost his home in Westport, his marriage and more due to his spending everything he makes and takes on recording his music to promote himself. We have even arrested him while performing at a couple different shows.

There was a constable who had over 60 civil warrants for Nelson Rego. I believe at one time the constable had a page just for victims of Nelson. Rego is a smooth talking scumbag. He always find some sucker to come bail him out when a judge holds him with a purge amount. That sucker usually ends up being the next victim.


I have also spoken with many of the people he stole from, and they all have horror stories to tell.

Russell Hatch and Denise Simmons, Weymouth, $8,000

Nelson destroyed my pool patio. We were told he could go on top of existing concrete and do stamped. Six months of no show finally had some random guy do it and destroyed the entire pool deck. Kids were slipping and cracking their heads. I had to put outdoor rugs down. 



Lucy Lindo-Mann, Westport, $9,700




Matthew C, Westford, $10,250

I have a different story. I had read reviews and called him out on his bullshit. I was too deep though and he had about $5k of an $11k job. I wrote him a check the day he was pouring the concrete and cancelled it with the bank instantly. The patio looks like shit with missed stamps and cracks but I didn’t get taken for the whole amount. He was pissed when he went to cash the check. I basically only paid for the concrete so he made no money. I have an amateur patio but I feel a little better knowing I stuck it up his ass. He damaged the coping around my brand new pool and got concrete all over my house and garage door. Said it was a perfect job. I have a 1500 sq foot patio that is failing and will probably cost me $25k to remove and install new patio. 



Kimberly and Jason Burr, Whitman $12,637.40

Kim Burr hired Nelson to do work at her house, he completely screwed it up, took legal action, but ultimately couldn’t get any money back from him because he has no assets. Like many of the Rego victims, they contacted the Attorney General’s Office who refused to help them.

Here is some of the discovery I had done showing he owns nothing, foreclosures,  bankruptcy. The lien placed on my house because he didn’t pay the concrete company. Copy of demand letter from my lawyer and the letter from the attorney general. I did get a default capius, the constable I had hired couldn’t find him and he’s got nothing in his name to go after. The property damage he did was almost the amount of the job. He did most of the job, but poured the concrete directly over the grass and has the whole pad pitching right into my basement door. Boot prints, wheelbarrow marks, and double stamping are throughout the entire pad. 

He had a 5 star rating. I went to the court, filed a small claims. He didn’t show. Went for a payment review, he didnt show. He couldn’t find him. He said he was jumping around. There always seemed to be an excuse.






Jeane Boyle, Milton $4,800




Marie Nicolau, Fall River $10,000

I have so much info On Nelso Rego. This Guy rented my business, destroyed it, and owes me $10,000. I have bought him to court 3 times and always promised to pay me, and then nothing. It’s court ordered and he still has not paid. We actually caught him in Court going for another case and paid a constable in court that held him that day to see the Judge, but he still got away it. It all started he wanted to rent my place on Pleasant Street in Fall River. We had to chase him down almost every month to get rent. Then he destroyed my shop with out any notice to us and never got any permits for work. When we finally got him out I could not even sell my shop. He took everything out even the damn toilets!


Nancy M, Fall River $14,000

It was a nightmare he dug up my entire yard was suppose to pour concrete and put fencing up I ended up paying out $21,000. I had to hire another company to pour my driveway. He was ordered by the court to complete the work, but after back and forth to court for 2 years there wasn’t much left to do. He put down some stone..a patio and poured a small area of concrete..all of which was paid by me. All I got was free labor, but I knew I would never see any of my money back. I was out the $14,000 that he had requested, because he received the money did a day of work and never came back and then I had to pay another $7,000 for a company to pour my driveway. 



Holly Ewell, Plymouth $7,500

Holly got scammed for $7,500 and only heard this back from the AGO.

Dear Holly Ewell,

I am writing to follow up about the consumer complaint you filed with our office. We contacted NR Concrete (Nelson Rego) but we were unable to get the results you wanted. Following the escalation of your complaint, NR Concrete (Nelson Rego) has failed to provide a response. Despite multiple attempts to contact the business, the complaint remains unresolved as the business remains uncommunicative. If you want to pursue your complaint further you may have other options. The Attorney General’s Office cannot act as your private attorney. However, The Lawyer Referral Service can help you find a private attorney. Their phone number is: (617) 654-0400. For some claims you may not need an attorney. Information about filing a claim in the Small Claims Court is on the court’s website: Although we did not get the results you wanted, your complaint is now a public record in our office. It may help us identify patterns of unfair and deceptive business practices. If our office takes further action related to your complaint, we may contact you again.                                                                             


Grant Woodman

Consumer Specialist

Consumer Advocacy and Response Division

(857) 275-6770



Theresa and Jason R, Raynham, $12,900

Mine is dated back Dec 2016. I found Nelson on Facebook. Needed front and back walkways and a fire pit circle. It was a nightmare. We did eventually get it done but looks like shit, even immediately after they finished. We very rarely saw Nelson, was always others here snd had no clue. They had to rip up back walkway because they poured it right up to the bottom step of deck! They did redo it but not correctly. It’s chipping, peeling and off color. They tried to color it because it was chipping before they even finished the job. We were very persistent and my husband being a correction officer I think helped tremendously! We had a dumpster left in our yard for months from the ripping up of the walkway they poured wrong. They never paid for a dumpster so they wouldn’t come get it. Finally company figured they weren’t getting paid and needed the dumpster. They never paid for the 2nd concrete truck either. I feel bad for everyone here, some worse than others. I have 2 walkways and a fire pit, but they look awful!



Jaclyn Prizio, Lynnfield, $2,000

We hired Nelson Rego NR Concrete in 2017. I found him on Facebook advertising on the MA high end yard sale site. He was supposed to do 1600 sq foot stamped concrete patio around my pool. We gave him a $2k check for the deposit and his guys came and ripped up the coping around my pool. He said they couldn’t do anything else until I paid him $6k to rent the equipment needed for the job. I told him I wasn’t paying him anything else until work was done and for him to put it on his business credit card. He was banging on my front door and I had a one year old I locked us in my bedroom and called my father in law. My father in law called him and had words with him and he ended up driving away. And that’s where our story ends. I found this group on Facebook and my story is actually pretty minimal compared to others so I just chucked it up to we lost $2k and gave up. I did reach out to the attorney general when the group suggested but they didn’t do anything because they said you can collect 30% up front. 

Here is the authorization form I submitted to the AG as well as the contract we signed. Ultimately the contract does say that $6k was due before grading and forms but that’s not how he explained it in person. Clearly we didn’t read the contract before we signed it look pretty stupid (and we’re) so not sure if this is helpful or not.


There are also these anonymous complaints.


But as bad as Nelson Rego is, his brother Eli is even worse. He’ll be the subject of Part 6, coming soon. Nelson just doesn’t know the first thing about concrete and is doing this for his music, but he actually shows up sometimes, which is more than I can say about Eli.


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