Congressional Candidate Rayla Campbell Assaulted By 2 Women Yelling Racial Slurs At New Bedford Trump Rally


A pro-Trump rally was held in New Bedford yesterday, which was attended by Rayla Campbell, the Republican challenging Ayanna Pressley for the Massachusetts 7th congressional district.

But unfortunately for her it ended with her in the hospital with a broken Tibia after two women allegedly attacked her.

Sadly, none of this is surprising. I’ve met Rayla Campbell at political rallies and protests against structural racism on two occasions. Both times black lives matter protesters, incited by Monica Cannon-Grant, got in her face and attempted to physically intimidate her. Unfortunately for them Rayla doesn’t back down, despite only being armed with a megaphone and grace.

She is a target wherever she goes, as the woman who currently holds the seat caters to criminals by tweeting about how the taxpayers should write checks to convicts and ex-cons like her husband.

The media never reports on these violent incidents, and instead gives positive coverage to people like Monica Cannon-Grant who incite the violence against Rayla.

WBSM has released a tape of the incident yesterday. Prior to filming these two women were heard by witnesses yelling obscenities and racial slurs at Rayla per usual (coons, n word, etc) for being a black conservative woman. Rayla never backs down from these bullies, and can be seen in the beginning of the video playing the airhorn siren at their car. They could’ve driven away, but instead they chose to escalate and jump her.

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This is why I don’t go to these Trump rallies. They attract the worst people on both sides. We’ll get to the papitos in the car in a minute, but the man filming it all also a huge embarrassment. He is the exact kind of guy I choose not to associate with. An uneducated, poorly spoken boob who misrepresents actual conservative values with verbal diarrhea that spews out of his mouth. If you’re going to film it then film it. You don’t need to be an active participant and throw fuel on the fire.

With that said, the life of Rayla Campbell is a roller coaster. I spoke to her today and she’s agreed to come on the YouTube stream with me today for a live show at 9 PM to explain what happened. Click here to subscribe to our channel. Some may criticize her for mixing it up with these mongrels, but I’ve been to these events before and people like this think they can get away with assaulting and threatening her. She’s just not Martin Luther King Jr and she’s not going to sit there and take it. She’s the female republican Malcolm X, and she will fight back. Let’s review the tape.

It began with San Juan Sammy choosing to open her door and get out of her car to confront Rayla, as opposed to driving away.

She took an aggressive posture and committed a crime by hitting Rayla’s bullhorn, which is an extension of Rayla’s arm at that point, on top of being her property.

Then A Bronx Snail Trail emerged from the passenger side to have her back.

They took a temporary break from the confrontation to commence the ceremonial parking lot posterior drum line.


And because it is currently mating season in New Bedford she advertised to men who are predisposed to avoid the use of contraceptive devices exactly where they could dump their DNA.

After that San Juan Sammy got back up in Rayla’s face and pushed her.

Next thing you know A Bronx Snail Trail was throwing up her fists ready to exchange blows with a candidate for United State Congress, because….New Bedford.

She hit Rayla first.

But Rayla does not in fact play, so she defended herself, prompting San Juan Sammy to jump in.

When the dust settled Rayla was on the ground and injured.

So who are these spunk dartboards? Let’s start with A Bronx Snail Trail.

Her name is Gold Rojas, and she excelts at the art of mirror selfies, duckface, and giving out directions to Planned Parenthood.

Her compatriot is Jayliana Goncalves, who wore her favorite fighting/dress sweatsuit with duck boots, and is also from New Bedford.

This bootleg Ariana Grande enjoys attaching door knockers to her nose, hiking her bikini up to her belly button to avoid the fupa overflow, and ripping Newports while giving the middle finger for absolutely no reason.

You may have heard her yell, “How is OK for grown adults to talk like that to children?” at the end. Because she can yell racial slurs and physically assault a woman, but it’s OK because she’s a child. However, the fact of the matter is that in five years she’ll be the average age of a New Bedford grandmother. She also accused Rayla of not knowing what it’s like to be black, even though Rayla is in fact black and San Juan Sammy is not. You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s interview. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode.


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