Connecticut Mother Of 2 Year Old Found Home Alone Crying At 9:30 Says It’s OK Because He Was Watching TV While She Ran To Petco


Here’s a story out of Wolcott, CT (next to Waterbury) about a mother of the year candidate whose 2 year old was found wet, crying, and home alone at 9:30 on her front lawn while she was allegedly at Petco.

The mugshot really says it all. Like she’s posing for the cover of crackhead Sports Illustrated.

“He was fine watching TV.”

The fact that she thought this was an acceptable reason she could give to the police to explain why her feral child was roaming the streets crying at 9:30 at night tells me everything I need to know about her parenting.

Let me just say that Amanda Milligan’s story makes zero sense. She knew Petco isn’t open that late, and they allow children inside. Also, who stops to take glamour shots of their car at a gas station? That’s the best she could come up with? Why were the doors to the house unlocked? Why is her 2 year old even up that late to begin with? The father clearly was not on his way home either since he was at work in New Haven when the cops called him.

Here’s what probably happened. Stuffed Crust Sandy wanted to get plowed real quick by her side piece because her baby daddy was at work, so she plopped her free range crotch fruit in front of the TV with no diaper on and figured the house full of dogs were a sufficient baby sitter (in fairness they are no worse than her). You don’t put on an easy access dress that matches your full sleeve tattoo if you weren’t planning on pole washing Diego for a free bag of smack. She’s probably done this before without anything happening so what was the big deal this time? Unfortunately the dog cared about the kid more than she did and alerted the neighbors who called the cops. So when the cops showed up she was genuinely confused and bothered by their presence because she thought it was no big deal, thus the hands on hip mugshot.

Unfortunately I found out about this story a few hours after she shut down her Facebook page and no one in Connecticut has learned about the importance of screenshots with ratchets like this, but the mugshot really says it all.


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