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Law and Order

Connecticut State Trooper Threatens To Throw Man Off New Haven Bridge After Pulling Him Over For Flipping Him The Bird


A Connecticut State Trooper has been assigned to desk duty after a video from a traffic stop on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge on I-95 in New Haven went viral yesterday, showing Trooper Matthew Spina losing his mind on a driver he pulled over for flipping him off.

The driver is Kevin Jette, who admittedly saw Trooper Spina tailgating another driver, didn’t realize he was a cop, and gave him the middle finger. But you can’t pull people over for flipping you off since that’s protected speech. That’s not to say I’m standing up for Jette, because he did a lot of things wrong too. In my opinion these are just two unbearable people who had the misfortune of meeting on the highway.

If a cop is driving erratically it’s probably for a reason. If you flip them off then you’re a dick. But if the cop uses that as a reason to pull you over then he’s a dick too.

If you start asking the cop questions about why he was driving erratically after he pulls you over then you’re a dick. If the cop loses his cotton picking mind and demands that you hand over your legally purchased weed, rather than for your license and registration, then he’s also a dick.

We’ve all had a bad day before, but if you carry a gun and a badge then you’re not allowed to flip on civilians because you’re upset. He went through all his personal property, tossed his weed, and smashed his ash tray, just because he could. Because he was in a bad mood and he needed to take it out on somebody.

“Is it in the original dispensary container? No? Then you’re fucked!! How’s that sound? Mind your own business next time. It’s called shut the fuck up!!”

“I know I’m right God damnet!!!!”

“It just never ends at this job. I got 14 months left, I can’t fucking wait to be done!!”

Luckily for his sake I don’t see him being on the road at all for the final 14 months of his duty, and it’s probably for the better.

Most disturbing is at the 4:30 mark, where if you listen closely you can hear Trooper Spina tell Jette that if he “fucks with him again” then Spina will throw him off the bridge. Sorry, but you don’t get a mulligan for that one because you’re having a bad day. You signed up to be a cop. Dealing with douchebags is part of the job, and I would imagine he’s dealt with a lot worse than Jette before. If the site of a middle finger drives you to the point where you are destroying personal property and threatening to throw people into the ocean then you probably shouldn’t be patrolling the streets with a bad and a gun. Just sayin.

Also, for what it’s worth, Connecticut has an “order” requiring everyone to wear masks in public. If they don’t then they can be fined or arrested, yet the trooper didn’t have a mask on. Rules for thee, but not for me.


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