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Controversial Everett High School Principal Delays Debate On Race Issues 1 Week After Blocking TB, Insists I Act Right, Show Self Discipline


I was supposed to have a debate vs. communist Everett High School Vice Principal Cory McCarthy tonight after he agreed to do so on YouTube, following the blog published about him last week. However, he blocked me on Twitter, then unblocked me to tell me that he’d do it next week, then blocked me again.

I don’t know what acting right and showing self discipline means, but apparently if I’m on my best behavior he’ll debate me next Monday. Just to be clear, I will debate anyone like this, any time, any place. I thought Comrade Cory would be man enough to meet me in the arena of intellectual thought, but apparently tweeting a screenshot of him blocking me cost me one week punishment. Hopefully this blog doesn’t cost me a month, because I’m thirsty to debate. I was built for this. I would respectfully ask that Cory McCarthy unblock me on Twitter so I can send him the streamyard link like I planned to last night and fought out he had blocked me.





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