Convicted Criminal Josh Abrams Testified In Front Of Worcester City Council About Joe Hart’s Arrest, Communist Girlfriend Sits During National Anthem


Joe Hart and Josh Abrams’ extended their already productive Tuesday in Worcester by attending the City Council meeting where Josh was allowed to speak in front of the Council about Joe’s arrest at the Worcester Police Station on Saturday. Watch.

Look at this communist.

Claims to be a Patriotic American fighting for freedoms. Can’t be bothered to stand up for the anthem. I expected so much more from a mother who gave up custody of her children to drive Josh Abrams to random police stations, whore herself out at Encore Casino, and then get arrested for committing larceny over $10,000. This picture is everything you need to know about who are the good guys and bad guys in this scenario.

Anyway, Josh’s gerber servers were in rare form tonight.

Mark my words – I will milk those things if it’s the last thing I ever do.

Josh was quite proud of the fact that a City Council candidate named Jesse Gibson voiced concern about what Josh told him transpired on Saturday. There’s just one problem.

Jesse Gibson is not a serious candidate. He doesn’t campaign, and pretty much no one in Worcester has heard of him before, which is why he finished 11th in the preliminary election, in a race that seats 6 people.

But that didn’t matter to him because Josh just wanted to feel special tonight, and his followers don’t know any better. Mayor Petty humored him while Josh delivered a nonsensical rant looking like and dressed like a nervous sixth grader explaining his science project to the class.

Even Pastor Councilor Sarai “Ti-ti Ho” Rivera seemed bored with him.

Credit to Councilor Bergman for not once looking up and even acknowledging Josh’s existence. If there were ever a time for Mayor Petty to bring back the ol’ “friggin morons” and “these people are not educated,” on a hot mic, this would’ve been that time.

This woman laughing at him was my personal favorite.

After he spoke he went outside and demanded to know the badge numbers of four cops standing there.

For what purpose? Simple – he just likes to make life difficult for law abiding, taxpaying members of society. He didn’t write down the numbers, nor does he care what they are. He just likes to harass people at work because he is cancer. He then lectured them about what good cops they are for complying with his demands, as if any of them cares if they got his approval.

Brad Petrishan from the Turtlegram and Gazette stood in the background and took copious notes.

Considering the Sun Sentinel legitimized these clowns in an article today I wouldn’t be surprised if the Turtlegram does the same.


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