Cosplay Enthusiast Says She Was Hacked, Vows “Depramation” Lawsuit Against “Tell-a-boy” For Blog About Her Campaign To Close Massachusetts Borders


Over the weekend we published a story about a woman named Megan Newman (AKA Bat Girl, AKA Cosplay Karen) who was spearheading a campaign to close the borders from Massachusetts into the five surrounding states. Ms. Newman became incensed after seeing at least a dozen New York and/or Connecticut license plates in the Dollar Tree parking lot, and believed that these people were spreading COVID to the Bay State. Yesterday she sent me a voicemail and a DM, insisting that she was hacked and vowing legal action.

“Aidan Kearney. Wouldn’t that be the same Aidan Kearney whose Mom works for the City of Worcester. Under the committee of the school or the city. As well as the Aidan Kearney who ended up in the Telegram and Gazette saying he posted a fictional blog site called Turtleboy or Tell-a-boy Sports. Ah yes, so that’s the one I need to sue. Hmm? Alright. I’m giving you a proposal right here right now. First off, my Facebook has been compromised for almost 2 weeks now. I have not made any posts to a Worcester site call Worcester, MA since I live in Gloucester. 

Under the committee of the school. Or the city. One of those.

Contrary to popular belief I do not actually live in my mother’s basement, and thus mentioning my Mommy is no longer an effective scare tactic to manipulate my behavior. With that said, I look forward to the vigorously defending myself in the upcoming lawsuit against Tell-a-boy Sports. I’m sure this was all a big misunderstanding and Ms. Newman’s Facebook account was hacked, joined a private group, and repeatedly posted about why we need to close our borders.

She not only would be calling my mother, she’d also be calling law enforcement.

I must have missed the lawsuit that the City of Worcester filed against me, but if she’s referring to the several other lawsuits that were filed against my company by jilted ratchets such as herself, the answer is I won. Evidently this completely sane member of Team Lockdown believes that my “press” hacked her Facebook though, so the next lawsuit likely will not go the way I planned.

She also introduced me to a new word for Internet lawsuits.

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“Depramation of character.”

Now I’ve seen it all. Deformation, decimation, defecation, and depramation. There is nothing we won’t do to your character. She’s also in fear for her life due to the out of state license plates and the blog, but at the same time is thanking me for the free publicity. This depramation awsuit has legs for sure.

According to Ms. Newman she is also getting a cease and desist against me for violating her civil rights, but more than anything she feels betrayed that a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle enthusiast such as myself would blog about another member of the cosplay community.

If she didn’t like that blog then she’s really not going to like what Bret had to say about her on the live show this weekend starting at the 22:15 mark.

Ms. Newman, we would be honored to have you on the live show some time this week so you can explain your side of the story. If you were indeed hacked and can provide strong evidence we will gladly remove the article. Please email me at [email protected] if you are unable to access your account due to hacking.


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