Couple Lures Pregnant Woman With Free Baby Clothing, Kills Her, Pretends Baby Is Their’s, Starts GoFundMe From NICU


This is 46 year old Clarisa Figueroa from Chicago, and her boyfriend Piotr Bobek.

Clarisa’s son Xavier died in 2017 at the age of 17.

She never got over it, and because she was too old to get pregnant, AND her tubes were tied, she couldn’t have another baby. It’s sad, but it’s happened to millions of women before her, and you have to find a way to move on.

But Clarisa didn’t want to do that. She was determined to have another baby. So she pretended on Facebook to be pregnant and expecting a boy with a similar name to her deceased son in May.

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Her friends had a lot of questions about that, but she had plenty of answers ready for them.

She went so far to state that she was considering suing the hospital for not tying her tubes right.

And although she wasn’t pregnant, she did have plans to have a baby.

Clarisa was a member of a Facebook group called Help a Sister Out, where mothers help other mothers with stuff they need for their babies. Clarisa used this page to find a needy pregnant woman who she could pretend to offer baby stuff to. That woman was 19  year old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez from Chicago.

Marlen was due with her second child on May 9, and 9 weeks ago Clarisa initiated contact with her when Marlen said she was looking for baby clothes.

They made plans to meet up but either never did, or she used that as an opportunity to get Marlen to trust her. Either way, she planned on killing Marlen and stealing her baby as her own.

On April 23 Marlen went missing, one day after she posted this in that mother’s group:

Clarisa agreed to meet up with her, which was easy to do since they’d spoken previously and possibly met up to exchange baby clothes.

Since then her family and the police have been looking everywhere for her, and operating under the assumption that both Marlen and her baby were dead.

Then on May 15 it was reported that Marlen’s baby was alive at the hospital, but Marlen was found murdered in a dumpster on the South Side. She had been strangled and the baby was cut out of her womb.

According to Clarisa’s neighbor on April 23 she was freaking out because her alleged newborn baby had stopped breathing, so she took him to the hospital. There she and Pete waited for 3 weeks with the baby in the NICU on life support.

To make matters worse they used images from the hospital to solicit cash for a GoFundMe.

But babies in the NICU were born at that hospital, so they had to tell everyone that the baby was born early at home.

Just 12 days after the murder, and while Clarisa was in the NICU pretending to be a mother with a sick child, she posted in the Mommy group, pretending to still be pregnant.

We know that the boyfriend was in on the whole plan because he changed his cover photo on Facebook to an ultrasound months ago, and even claimed to be having twins.

He stole those pictures right off of Google though.

Oh, and Clarisa posted this back in 2016 for good measure.


To the dismay of many the Facebook group has been removed:

Which seems like it’s destroying evidence, but I’m sure a court order can force Facebook to give up all the data from that page because the Internet is forever.

For NSTB’s take on this story click here to read it on TBS.


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