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Poor Behavior

Couple Trashes Lakeville Home Owned By Parents That They Squatted In And Never Paid Rent For


This is Sabrina Barry and her boyfriend Sam Stewart.


According to Sabrina’s stepmom who posted pictures of their house which Sam and Sabrina never paid rent for, squatted in for months, and promptly destroyed on the way out, they were the tenants from Hell at the family owned home in Lakeville.

And that right there is why I will never own and rent property. Tenants have all the rights. It doesn’t matter if they don’t pay or trash the place. They will always get the benefit of the doubt, because God forbid people be held personally accountable for their life choices.

I like to get both sides of a story before I publish so I reached out to Sam Stewart to hear what he had to say. He admitted that they never paid a dime in rent, but they’re still the victims because they were going to pay them later.

Just so we’re clear, they didn’t pay rent so they could save up to get a new apartment AND pay rent owed at this house in one lump sum at the end. That makes sense. Just a reminder, the rent was $400 between 2 grown adults. That’s it. They couldn’t come up with $400 from his lucrative shwagg marijuana gig and her welfare Only Fans account.

Poor sex workers, they’re the real victims here. Although if you can’t make $400 a month for Internet sex work during a pandemic then maybe sex work wasn’t your calling after all.

The bald 24 year old boo of a sex worker has been whining about the way he was mistreated in the home that he lived in for free and then trashed because they had the audacity to evict him.

They can’t afford $400 for rent in Lakeville in a family owned home, but yet they can afford to live in the North End?

Makes sense.

Here’s another video of the lovely Sabrina admitting to not paying rent and threatening to use the police because they’re being evicted for not paying rent.

She seems lovely.

Sabrina is now telling the homeowners that she is having Lakeville Police charge them with…something.

I reached out to Sabrina for comment, but it quickly turned into talks of deformation lawsuits and Internet lawyers that she can somehow afford despite not being able to pay her rent.

The sad part about this is they’re not even junkies. They’re just two grown adults who don’t think they have to pay rent and blame everyone else for their own personal failures. C-ya in court!

So the lesson here is, don’t give ratchet people in your family 50 chances to prove they’re not ratchet. Ratchets never change their stripes.


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