Coventry Men Identified From West Warwick Beating Video, Have Criminal Records, Children, And Use “Stay Home” Facebook Filters


Video emerged yesterday of two men near the West Warwick-Coventry town line terrorizing a residential neighborhood by speeding through in their toxic fume emitting truck, getting out of their car and leaving what appears to be a teenager’s lifeless body in the middle of the road.


The driver of the truck was Joshua Marc Sheehan from Coventry, who celebrated his fame by posting the video of the beating and turning it into his profile picture.

Joshua was recently selling his truck, but it turns out nobody wants a Purdue University colored biohazard.

He plows in the winter.

He recently reproduced, and ironically uses the #Staythefuckhome filter despite driving around aimlessly and putting his hands on strangers.

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His house looks like it’s really healthy too.

An open can of Coors Light, a pack of Newports, and a table full of broken dreams. If that isn’t a metaphor for West Warwick I don’t know what is.

He’s selling recently donated Sponge Bob boots.

And it’s kind of weird that he’s driving, considering he’s got 16 court cases, and by my count at least 7 were for driving with a suspended license.


After a while they don’t even list how many times it’s been. They just charge you with 3+.

But that doesn’t mean he’s adverse to other crimes such as simple assault, vandalism, breaking and entering, trespassing, and felony domestic violence.

He also caught a new charge from the West Warwick Police for what happened in that video.

Scumbag #2 was not as easy to find, although Captain Shook did let up that his name was Christian.

Christian’s girlfriend saw the video and reached out to the woman who filmed it in order to apologize on behalf of her “fiance.”

But when the TB Daily News blog was posted to a community page in Coventry she suddenly changed her tone.

What changed?

Her “fiance” told her it wasn’t true. And since he’s such a great Dad and all, she believed him.

“Best Dad Ever.”

This guy has the best shirts.

They also used a less vulgar coronavirus Facebook filter while driving around like savages and coming in direct contact with strangers.

How does she justify the fact that her husband was seen on video stomping on what appeared to be a teenager’s lifeless body in the road?

Bad parenting of course. Not her fiance though. He sets a great example for children by becoming TB famous.

She also blames the neighbors for not social distancing.

And in what is quite possibly the worst deflection fail of all time, she attempted to shame the concerned mother for not social distancing, except she used a picture from January.

“Shows character.”

Not nearly as much character as a drive by beating, but we all can’t be as ratchet as you dear.

As for her “fiance” Christian’s last name, the closest I got was Borden.

But that name doesn’t come up in the judicial portal so it’s probably spelt wrong. I’d love to update this blog if someone out there recognizes him. You know how to reach me. [email protected]


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