Crying Boyfriend Of Manchester Murder Victim Has Long History Of Domestic Violence And Infidelity

Read part 1 of Murder in Manchester here before reading this blog. MVTB wrote that one and I’m taking part 2. So strap on your seatbelts turtle riders because it’s gonna be bumpy ride.

Jeremy Winslow has been presenting himself as the heart broken boyfriend of Tanya Hall, who was shot and killed in his Jeep by Juston Moura, after he claimed that Moura and his biker gang tried to start a fight with him inside Manchvegas bar.

He’s getting an insane amount of camera time and his behavior is suspicious to say the least. To be clear, the shooter is fully at fault, because some people are not understanding that. However, you can blame more than one person when someone is killed like this, and certainly Jeremy deserves a lot of skepticism, if not outright blame. Tanya would not have been killed if she wasn’t dating him. The bullet was intended for him, not her. She got caught up in whatever bullshit, waste of time testosterone fueled drama he couldn’t walk away from.

And that’s ultimately what I’m here to do – expose Jeremy Winslow for being a fraud, because the mainstream media is eating up his bullshit. We can all agree the shooter is bad and he will be punished. But Jeremy gets to walk around and parade himself like he’s some kind of hero, when in reality Tanya was just the latest in a long line of women he mooched off of and put in dangerous situations.

We received this email from an ex-girlfriend of his yesterday, who broke up with him in 2016.

My name is redacted and I am writing to you because I am beside myself with the interview on WMUR of the boyfriend of Tanya Hall – Jeremy Winslow. He is an ex of mine and has a domestic violence conviction. I was put through the ringer, and to see his phony ass on WMUR playing the victim card has the community angry. I hope that you will write an article on him. He is notorious for abusing women. I was not the first and I will certainly not be the last, but something has to be done to put a stop to his abuse. He goes on dating apps like Bumble and Tinder to prey on innocent, vulnerable women. I have attached police reports, subpoenas, the no contact order, and photos as well as my MRI images from his abuse. 

On August 25, 2016, Jeremy Winslow was arrested twice by the Bedford Police in 24 hours.

We had gone to dinner at the Copper Door in Bedford, and I got back to the hotel I was staying at due to the mold I had in my condo. He had done steroids that day and had some drinks that night. We were laying in bed and he asked why I wasn’t cuddling (I didn’t feel well. I had a cold) and he ripped the blankets off me, pulled me up by my hair and threw me the ground. My head slammed on the wheel of his suitcase. I would later learn from headaches that I needed an MRI and suffered a concussion and had old blood present in my brain, 4 hemorrhages.

She wouldn’t cuddle with him so he pulled her by the hair, threw her to the ground, and she hit her head on a suitcase. I’ve seen the medical report, and it all checks out. I’m not posting it because it has the victims personal information all over it, but she provided x-rays as well. If he’s able to snap like that over cuddling imagine what he’d do if he was out at the bar and felt disrespected.

Some people have emailed and said “how do you know he’s juicing?” Well, for one, we’re not stupid.

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But now it’s also been confirmed by an ex-girlfriend who he assaulted.

The victim got a restraining order against him, which he immediately violated by calling her 9 times as soon as he got out of jail.

The cops couldn’t find him until the moron went back to the police station to pick up something he left there the day before.

Can’t make this stuff up. He did a little time and jail and that was the end of their relationship.

Prior to this he had quite the Google trophy collection, all of which involved domestic violence and violent offenses.

In the report he told the cops he “accidentally” pulled her hair, but that he couldn’t remember most of it because he was blackout drunk. I hate when that happens. He also told the cops that he had never contacted her, even though a Bedford cop witnessed him attempt to call her from jail. Chud.

It was hardly the first time he forgot he beat the shit out of a girlfriend, and the victim was worried he’d come and find her again.

Luckily he hasn’t but seeing him on the news has made her restless.

Jeremy is originally from Arizona, and the cops down there know him pretty well too.

He presented himself to the news like a loving boyfriend who was head over heels for his girlfriend. He said they’d been dating for 11 months and he wanted to propose to her in Barbados. Except he posted this in September.

So that was a lie. Lie about one thing, lie about everything. As a matter of fact here’s a text message he sent an ex-girlfriend in January, in which he called Tanya “rotten,” and asks her out because he’s allegedly so miserable with Tanya.

Then there’s this woman who claims he was at a bar after Tanya passed and said this.

Hopefully the woman she’s talking about can wait around for a year, because a freeloading, cheating narcissist is definitely worth it.

He posted her wake information on Facebook and asked another woman to come with him as a date.

Very loving boyfriend though. He really cared. Maybe that explains why he’s not even mentioned in her obituary.

Tanya’s family started a GoFundMe fundraiser for her adorable little boy which you can contribute to here. Sadly they had to warn people not to donate to Jeremy’s scam GFM though.

Of course he started a GoFundMe. He’s got no money and he wasn’t going to let a tragedy go to waste. Except for one problem – he couldn’t even spell her son’s name right on the GFM.

He made his $100 off of it, but he claims he’s going to donate it to the family now that he’s been called out on it. I know this because he voluntarily came to the Clarence Woods Emerson Facebook page and started yammering about how he dindu nuffin.

Yes, that’s right – he had ANOTHER GoFundMe with ANOTHER smoking hot ex-girlfriend who should’ve been way out of his league. That one netted him almost $2,000.

Are you seeing now why he wants to go on TV?

He also explained why he was calling Tanya rotten while pretending to be in love with her.

Nothing says grieving boyfriend quite like smearing her name when she’s not around to defend herself.

He also felt the need to post a private email she sent him along with their Jet Blue confirmation email.

The Jet Blue tickets that SHE paid for. Somehow this chud has managed to con some of the most beautiful women in New England into not only dating him, but carrying his sad, sorry pathetic ass around financially.

Back to the ex-gf he beat up in 2016. She had a feeling he was cheating on her so she did what 99.9% of women would do (but many claim they wouldn’t do) in that situation – went through his phone. And what do you know? He was telling her he loved her while offering prostitutes $220 for a Bob Kraft special.

She also found messages between him and his baby momma (he has two teenage boys who have since been adopted because the mother wasn’t much of a Mom, and he gave her nothing in child support).

Yet here he is telling his soon to be victim that he has no kids.

But let’s face it – those kids are better off not knowing who he is.

His mother still lives in Arizona, and they appear to have graduated from high school in the same decade.

Mom posted a picture on Facebook of her with his kids at a sportball match, and Jeremy sent his regards.

Thanks for doing my job for me Mom! Love ya!

He also posted this picture in June, voicing his approval of his sister’s boyfriend.

Something no siblings of his many, many girlfriends have done for him.

Despite being a broke Stanley he had plenty of hooker money.

But he didn’t just date hookers. He wined and dined tons of other unsuspecting women that he met on dating apps.

Now I don’t swim in the lady’s pond, but I still feel comfortable saying that the ex that he was cheating on is scissoring material. He had this perfect woman, but he thinks so highly of himself that he believes all these other women deserve his spam javelin too. Just a pure narcissist.

His ex did find out that a “business trip” he went to in Colorado was just a ploy to sleep with another woman. She reached out to her to let her know what was happening.

Turns out he had mooched off of the mistress the entire time, including having her pay for the plane ticket, and then hitting her up for more cash afterwards.

Here’s a message we got from another woman about his behavior while he was “in love” with Tanya.

I had never actually met Jeremy, but he had continuously reached out to me flirtatiously via Facebook, Instagram and text just this past fall/ beginning of winter and continues to like my photos and posts quite frequently though I stopped communication to work on my relationship with someone else.

So he’s a scumbag, a liar, and a con-artist, who pretends that he’s a successful lady’s man on social media.

That we know. Several people have messaged us and told us that he had some sort of beef with the biker gang. We have no way to confirm any of this, but I’m sure the police and attorneys will do their job, and find out exactly what happened. Just don’t be surprised if the innocent and loving boyfriend isn’t so innocent after all.


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