Cumberland Couple Vows To Shut Down Website And Send Me To Jail For 20 Years For A “Hate Crime Against A Sex Offender” After Blog About Their Creepy Subletting Ad Making Rounds On Facebook

I'm probably going to jail.

Yesterday I published a blog about a Rhode Island couple who wisely decided to list a room in their grimy-looking, fleabag Cumberland apartment for rent for the bargain price of $40 a night. Sex offender on site, coffee, undisclosed amount of cats roaming around and fruit included.

Unfortunately, they seemed less than enthusiastic with the free advertising this afforded them, and this chick right here:

Vowed to get the police involved in what she has described as “extreme slander.”



Not regular type slander, not even moderate slander. But extreme slander. The most egregious type. The kind of slander that apparently empowers dissatisfied classy ladies like this

to shut down entire websites.

Slander is spoken, libel is written, and both terms refer to malicious lies, Smashley. Nobody lied here. Your boyfriend is a sex offender, your rental ad was suspicious as f*ck, and everything about your living situation is objectively disgusting.


File that under “pictures that smell”.  Disgusting.

Apparently pointing out that the $40-per-night den o’filth accommodations being offered by a cat hoarding slam donkey and her sex offender beau is also considered a “hate crime”, and for that I can expect 20 plus years in jail. Also, since children don’t have jobs and therefore can’t afford to pay the rent to sleep atop a cat-piss soaked mattress in a room padlocked from the outside….

they’re not renting to children. So no big deal guys.

You got me there – I do indeed hate sex offenders. So come trace my IP, handcuff me, lock me up and throw away the key. Guilty as charged.

When I last left things with Smashley and Molester Mike, they were headed over to the police station with their entire family to get some prime landlord/tenant law advice and press charges on me for hurting their feelings.


And since they’re really honest people and all, I’m sure they were completely serious.


So pretty much, TL;DR: I’m going to jail for offending a sex offender who wants to sublet his apartment but knows it wouldn’t cut it on Air Bnb. Pray for me, y’all. This one seems serious.

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