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Customers Allege Agawam Paving Business Owner Lies About Fixing Poorly Done Jobs While Living Large


This is John O’Donnell, owner of O’Donnell Asphalt and Paving in Agawam.

He’s got a whole fleet of vehicles and his company appears to be doing well for itself.

A Holyoke man named Mark Britton hired O’Donnell last June and agreed to pay his company $7,500 to pave his driveway.

But within hours the driveway already had puddles and soft spots. Britton immediately alerted him to these problems and O’Donnell promised he would come by and fix it. But he never did, and now the driveway is filled with cracks and a small tree growing out of it.


Facebook messages show that O’Donnell promised many times to correct the problem, but always had excuses for not showing up.



Mark messaged him in October of 2020, warning him that winter was coming, but was ignored.


He told the customer to call him, which he did, and O’Donnell ignored him again.


By the spring the cracks started appearing everywhere so Mark messaged him and O’Donnell promised to fix it.


But he never showed up and didn’t answer phone calls. Finally after more than a year Mark messaged O’Donnell and told him he was going to have to hire a lawyer. O’Donnell’s response was “sorry you feel that way, I’m a phone call away,” despite not answering any of his phone calls.

O’Donnell told him that he would not communicate with Britton anymore if the client hired an attorney. In other words, if a helpless customer attempted to hire someone who could help him remedy the situation, then the person who was supposed to help him and never did would continue to not help him.

Mark found out after he made the post that O’Donnell has done this to other customers as well.


A former employee alleged that this happens because he cuts corners.

A number of clients have filed against him in small claims court. In once case hd never showed up and defaulted, and in another he agreed to pay after the claim was filed.

He clearly has the money to pay for it, as his company appears to be doing so well that he can afford multiple sports cars (that require stacking), motorcycles, and a boat he named Asphalt Addict.

The Irish Pride tattoo and gold chain combo. We get it dude – you’re a hardo extraordinaire.

O’Donnell responded to the customer after he made the post shaming him with more promises to come and fix it, because he apparently only responds to being publicly shamed. Hey John, instead of fixing the problem why don’t you just refund the customer so he can hire someone else to do it again properly? When you’re living the baller like John, what’s $7,500?


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