DA Paul Howard Running For Re-Election On Anti-Cop Platform Makes Up Several Lies To Charge Innocent Atlanta Cop With Murder 


Former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe was not only fired for shooting career criminal Rayshard Brooks in self defense, he is now being charged with murder.

The video clearly shows that:

  • Brooks was so drunk that he had fallen asleep in his car at the Wendy’s drive through, prompting an employee to call the police
  • Brooks was cordial and polite in the hopes that he would get a break
  • When he found out he wasn’t getting a break he resisted, fought, and punched both officers
  • He stole one officer’s tasers, ran, then turned around and fired the taser at Rolfe from less than 10 feet away

Despite the mainstream media’s narrative that Brooks was a loving father, TB was the first media outlet to report the truth about Brooks past, revealing that he had served time for convictions that included  cruelty to children, battery on a family member, false imprisonment, and more.


We know that the media, in an attempt to paint Brooks as a man who was turning his life around, published this video of him talking about how hard it was being on probation while attempting to be a father.

“Just a mistake we made.”

Don’t you hate when you make a mistake, like getting convicted of cruelty to children? Happens to the best of us.

“I wanna spend some time with my kids, but I really don’t have the time.”

But he did have time to go out, get drunk, and drive.

“It’s (probation) restricting us. You have a curfew.”

And the real reason he ran away comes to light. He was on probation and was not only drinking and driving, he was out past curfew too. He knew he was going back to jail immediately so he made a break for it. Anyone who got in his way, like the police, was a threat that he was willing to use violence against. Criminals like this are masters of pretending to be cooperative until the moment they realize they’re going to jail.


This is nothing more than a government sanctioned lynching of a police officer. If the cop were not white, and Brooks was not black, and George Floyd hadn’t been killed, this would not be happening right now. This is sadistic, racially motivated revenge coming from a political hack of a District Attorney, Paul Howard. Listen to his reasoning.

“Mr. Brooks never presented himself as a threat.”

Except when he resisted arrested, punched some cops, stole their taser, and fired it at them.

“He was peacefully sleeping in his car.”

Just a little peaceful drinking and driving nap in a running vehicle idling in the Wendy’s drive through.

“He was cooperative. He passed his driver’s license to the officers without resistance.”

Would you like a cookie? Of course we know now that he was only acting that way because he didn’t want to go to jail.

“Mr. Brooks never displayed any aggressive behavior.”

He wasn’t aggressive until he realized he was going back to jail. Then he assaulted the police.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation hasn’t had a chance to review this case completely yet and was taken by surprise that the DA rushed to judgment.

Two weeks ago Howard announced that he was charging an Atlanta cop with tasing two black kids in a car who were out past curfew during the riots. His reasoning? Tasers are a deadly weapon.


But now all of a sudden they’re no longer dangerous.

Howard told many other lies too:

  • He alleged that Rolfe kicked Brooks, which isn’t seen on any tape. 
  • He claims that Rolfe knew that the taser Brooks stole had been fired twice and wouldn’t work on him. It’s absurd to suggest that in the heat of the moment Rolfe would know how many charges another cop’s taser had left in it.
  • He’s charging the second cop, Devin Brosnon, with aggravated assault in a clear attempt to get him to turn state’s witness and testify against Rolfe, which he claims the second cop has agreed to do. This is what corruption looks like. Scare an innocent cop with a bogus charge, knowing that cops fear jail more than anyone, in order to get him to give them the testimony they want to convict the other innocent cop. Except he lied about that too, and Devin Brosnon never agreed to testify against his fellow officer.
  • He said that this is the first time an Atlanta cop has ever testified against another cop, except Garrett Rolfe has testified against another cop before.

This is pure evil what they are doing to this man. They are trying to send him to jail for life for something they know he didn’t do. They spent three days looking for a way to charge him with murder, couldn’t find anything, and then gaslit the American public by making up a bunch of lies that we could all clearly see was not true.

But wait, it gets worse.

Paul Howard is the incumbent DA who is in the middle of a heated democratic primary. He is currently losing to one of his former ADA’s, Fani Wallis, and is trying to brand himself as an enemy of the police, and his opponent as a friend to police.

Now facing a runoff against Fani Willis in the race for Fulton County district attorney, incumbent Paul Howard signaled Wednesday that he intends to cast his Democratic opponent as an ally of police unions and Republicans.

“I look forward to earning each and every vote as we continue the campaign,” Howard said Wednesday. “Unfortunately, Fulton County and Atlanta have now for the time in our histories, joined several urban cities that are seeing police unions taking major roles in the outcome of local political races.”

Howard has been criticized by Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers over his decision to charge six police officers for the violent arrest of two Atlanta college students who were tazed and pulled from their car during demonstrations over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Howard, in turn, accused the IBPO of “being out of touch with reality” and engaging in a politically motivated plan to influence Tuesday’s primary in order “to end police prosecutions in Fulton County.”

He’s also a pervert who has a proclivity for sexually harassing women in his office, and he’s under investigation for funneling money from a non-profit into his re-election campaign fund.

Howard’s campaign also has been challenged by accusations of sexual harassment and retaliation raised by two women who worked in his office—claims he has denied. He is also under investigation by the state ethics commission over alleged campaign financial disclosure law violations.

His opponent is on record calling him a liar, and in response he attacked the police union some more.

“I’ve never picked up a Republican ballot in my life,” said Willis, who has vowed to end the high turnover in the DA’s office. “(Howard) has no problem lying.”

Less than three hours before the polls closed, Howard released a statement in response to what he said was a call for his resignation from the Atlanta Police Union. Union officials say they never sought his resignation but instead asked Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to suspend Howard until the GBI’s investigation is resolved.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed, but in the last two weeks the world has changed,” Howard wrote. “Citizens on every continent have announced that police misconduct against civilians will no longer be tolerated.”

This is why DA’s should not be elected. Paul Howard is a corrupt politician attempting to give the masses what they want. He is the Atlanta Pontius Pilate, hellbent on stringing up some police. This is not a man looking for a conviction. It’s a man looking for an anti-police platform to run on, because anti-police hysteria has taken over this country. When Rolfe is acquitted he will blame the racist justice system, rioters will burn Atlanta worse than General Sherman did, and we’ll do it all again next time.

Every cop in Atlanta should refuse to work until these charges are dropped. Use sick days or go on strike. And don’t tell me that it’s illegal for them to go on strike, because there’s no rules or laws anymore. Plus, who will arrest the entire police force? Every cop in this country should go on strike in solidarity. This lawless culture must end. Looks like APD agrees.

Even though APD brass is being instructed to gaslight the public some more.




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