D’Amici’s Bakery Closes 3 Stores Without Telling Employees, Takes Customer’s Money For Orders They Knew Wouldn’t Be Filled


D’Amici’s is a chain bakery founded in 1993, with locations in Lynn, Melrose, and Reading. It was owned by the Toretta family until December 2017 when it was sold to Sandrine Coyer, who used the company’s Facebook page to announce that they were closing all of their locations yesterday.

As you can see, they’re portraying themselves as the victims here, even though they must’ve known this was coming for quite some time and couldn’t be bothered to tell their employees or customers. They happily took money for orders they knew they wouldn’t be able to fill though.

They’ve gotten some bad reviews on their Facebook page since new ownership came on board.

And they couldn’t be bothered to tell their dozens of employees at any of their three locations, because they likely wanted productive employees instead of a bunch of people who knew they wouldn’t be there for much longer.

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According to the Lynn Item Live an employee they spoke with said that paychecks have been bouncing.

And instead of treating their employees with respect by giving them the opportunity to find new jobs before the holidays, they instead elected to to write “sorry we are closed out of business” and sent them text messages at 4 AM on Monday.

Video surveillance Salty Sandine clearing out the cash register on Sunday night in Melrose has been posted as well.

Previous ownership is upset about it, since the family business they built for two decades was destroyed in less than two years.

Sources are saying that the new owners had no idea how to run an Italian bakery, they were buying supplies from Market Basket, reusing parchment paper, and freezing cakes for months.

Yet here’s Sandrine Coyer not only playing the victim, but blaming the successful owners she purchased the business from. According to her she “discovered things had been hidden from us.” But she doesn’t mention what those things are, or how they were overlooked when she bought. Funny, the business seemed to be thriving since 1993 under their ownership.

Nevertheless she insists that she poured everything she had into the business, and it’s not her fault because there were “no alternatives.” I understand that businesses fail, but not letting your employees know and defrauding customers on the way out is a scumbag thing to do. They had alternatives, they just chose not to pursue them because she was too busy writing handwritten signs and clearing out the cash registers.


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