D’Amici’s Bakery Filed For Bankruptcy In May, Never Told Employees Or Customers, Fled France To Start A New Life With A GoFundMe To Convert Italian Bakery Into French Vegan Bakery


On Tuesday we published a story about the new owners of D’Amici’s bakery abruptly closing down their three north shore stores without any warning. The previously successful business had done well for itself since their inception in 1993, but quickly went downhill after Sandrine Coyer purchased it in December of 2017. Employees were alerted at 4 AM via text message that they no longer had jobs, and many customers were left high and dry after paying for baked goods for special events.

Several employees have complained that their checks have bounced and they never received tip money. Brides were left on the hook with no wedding cakes, and the completely oblivious owner is seemingly doing nothing to remedy these issues.

Since then it’s been discovered that D’Amici’s filed for bankruptcy in May.

Yet they didn’t bother telling their employees or customers, whose orders she had no intention of filling.

It’s also been discovered that prior to buying the bakery chain Coyer began both a Kick Starter, and GoFundMe.

She raised a whopping $70 for her combined goal of $42,000 for the proposed vegan cake store, which probably should’ve been the first sign that no one believes in her shitty business model of taking a place people like and completely changing it.

According to the GFM it looks like their whole story is shady as fuck.

If you’re reading this, you are already a part of this project. Who we are. We are a family of four- Didier, Sandrine and our two daughters Cassandre and Salome- coming all the way from France and we just moved here in Boston. What a strange idea, right? After managing big department stores for 25 years in France, we decided to start a new life. Didier underwent training as a baking chef and all the family quickly got involved in the project. Soon enough, there was flour, sugar and eggs all over the kitchen. But we all went for it. What is better than having a homemade cake for a party, homemade bread for dinner or simply having a good pastry with a cup of good tea or coffee? Who has never heard about French food? French coffee? With our typical pastries like the “eclair” or the “st honoré” What we did We bought well known bakeries in the Boston area and here we are. We are already selling all kind of pastries, cakes, cookies and bread. We are also making cakes for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties, baby showers, graduations etc.. And now The idea is now to bring our French touch to this world of delight. Let’s be proud of our culture and let’s share it with curious food lovers. We are ensuring that French food will come to your american mouths. These bakeries have been there for years and people love them. But why stop there? Why vegan and gluten free customers shouldn’t be able to taste our good pastries as well? Let’s make some French pastries for them as well. The goal was to bring French food to your mouths wasn’t it? Our true goal is to make it affordable and accessible for everyone. To do so, we want to associate our bakeries with causes that matter to us, with charitable organizations that we are already in touch with, with schools that help the ones who need it. With all the food we’ll produce, we believe waste should be donated, distributed to people who need it. We believe food brings everyone together, and with the small power we have, we want to use it right. We would also want to give the opportunity to people to learn how to bake with us. Giving cooking lessons would be another way of sharing our culture. It would be a great way to meet other people, sharing a moment of friendliness and joy. People would then be able to bring home a little part of France. Because what else is food if not sharing?

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If you need a GoFundMe to buy a bakery despite having no previous experience with bakeries, then you probably shouldn’t own a bakery.

The fact that they immigrated here from France is a red flag. People who come here do so because the countries they’re living in do not provide economic opportunity. France is a wealthy Western nation that takes in a lot of immigrants but doesn’t see many leave.

The GFM claims that she and her husband successfully ran a department store in France for 25 years, then suddenly threw their hands up in the air and said, “f*** it, let’s start a new life in America.” Nothing shady about that whatsoever, and they totally don’t appear to be starting a new life after burning bridges in a foreign country. Also, use of terminology like “starting a new life,” is a great way to make people believe that you’re not running from problems you created in your previous life.

The GFM was created to purchase a successful Italian bakery in the states, which they intended to convert to a French bakery without doing any market research to see if their was demand for this in the area. Little did she realize that Americans by and large like Italian food, but recognize that French food is in fact terrible. She was banking on oversized Americans opening up their pieholes and shoving whatever she cooked up down their gullets and liking it.

The fact that she apparently made it a point to cater to vegans was a wise business decision too. After all, it worked out so well for Hadassah Rose at the Punishment Cafe in Milford. Just like Hadassah, Coyer promised to teach classes on cuisine, knowing full well she wouldn’t have time to do that.

She also claimed in the GoFundMe that extra food would be donated to the homeless as part of her business model, but after declaring bankruptcy and not telling her employees, the only thing she took on the way out was cash.

Word has quickly spread about these discoveries and several people have posted links to the GoFundMe and bankruptcy proceedings on D’Amici’s Facebook post. Most people at this point would deactivate in order to save face, but it appears as is Coyer has ran out of f***s to give, so she’s leaving it up there and waiting out the mob until they find something else to be outraged about.


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