Dan Astle Was Criminally Charged By The DA’s Office For Sending Me Death Threats But No One Told Me And I Missed His Arraignment


Dan Astle, a Fall River man who was previously exposed for being a dangerous necrophiliac by former blogger “Manch,” sent me some pretty disturbing death threats back in September.

Often times members of Congress like Ilhan Omar use death threats as a way to victimize themselves. I use it as a way to seek justice against the people who sent the threats. Instead of crying about being a victim the best way to handle these people is to expose them, call the police, and make sure they’re held legally accountable.

I immediately contacted the Holden Police who then filed for a criminal complaint in Leominster District Court. Last month I had a court date there with both Dan Astle and Charlotte McFarland. The latter was a no-show, but Astle appeared with his father, who was his ride. We had a hearing in front of a clerk magistrate who would decide whether or not this would go in front of a judge. Astle complained that the blog was mean to him and said that he couldn’t find a job because of it. His lack of employment evidently has nothing to do with the things he posts publicly, or the fact that he’s a deranged psychopath with no social skills. It’s all because of a blog.

His father attempted to speak on his behalf several times, echoing Dan’s claims that the blog should be on trial, not the guy who sent several death threats. The clerk told him to stop talking, and Dan claimed that when he was emailing death threats he didn’t realize they were going to me. I never heard back from the ADA’s office or the court about what the clerk decided to do, and only found out today because a Sentinel reporter contacted me. Turns out they decided to press charges:

A Fall River man was arraigned in Leominster District Court on Thursday for allegedly making a death threat against Aidan Kearney, founder of the Massachusetts-oriented blog Turtleboy Sports. Daniel Astle, 33, of 601 Bullock St. in Fall River, is accused of sending a graphic and threatening email to Kearney after being the subject of a blog post on the Turtleboy website, according to court documents. He was charged with threatening to commit a crime. In the email in question, Astle details his desire to amputate one of Kearney’s limbs and tells him that there is nothing he will be able to do to protect himself, according to a copy of the message contained in a police report.

“Hopefully you regain some of your common sense and listen very carefully when I tell you I have nothing better to do right now then (sic) hunt you down,” Astle wrote in the email, according to police.

Speaking by phone Friday morning, Kearney said he wasn’t aware that Astle was arraigned, nor that the state had decided to pursue charges against him. Typically, he said, he’s looped in when charges are officially filed, noting that this is far from the first time he’s reported threats like this to the police.

“I’m the guy who’s always getting threatened,” Kearney said.

About a month ago, Kearney said, he attended a meeting at the Leominster District Courthouse that Astle also attended. Kearney said Astle appeared at the meeting with his father, and that during the meeting he blamed Kearney for making him send the threatening email. Astle also said he did not realize the email he sent to [email protected] was being sent to Kearney, according to Kearney, who said on Friday he didn’t believe Astle because his name is openly associated with the popular blog.

Astle appears to have been featured on the Turtleboy website at least three times, with the first post dating back to May 2018. In that blog, an author writing under a pseudonym accused Astle of sending inappropriate photos to underage girls and published screenshots of what appears to be Astle discussing interest in hurting and maiming other people. Kearney said he takes these kinds of messages seriously and often reports them to police, adding that he hopes these charges send a message to people who make these types of threats online.

I sure would’ve appreciated if the DA’s office or the court could’ve given me a phone call and let me know about this. But either way, I’m just happy that a criminal is going to be brought to justice for this. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last person I do this too. Let it be known to anyone who thinks it’s cute to send me death threats – you won’t silence me, and I will make it my job to pursue maximum justice with the end goal of ruining your life. And when it happens I will take sick, sadistic joy in watching you go down in flames.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.


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