Danielle Bognanno AKA “Hot Tow Truck Girl” Is In A Hot Mess After Arrest Last Night

Can you guess what she was charged with? The answer may not surprise you.

So last night the most tragic tragedy to even transpire occurred. Danielle Bognanno, AKA “Hot Tow Truck Girl” was ILLEGALLY ARRESTED!! Just ask Josh, as he states in this video he abruptly recorded, then unlisted last night (I made a few additions to jazz it up):


Just kidding. She was arrested for Larceny over 1200 and receiving goods under false pretenses. Charges issued 9/21. They knew of warrant and went and picked her up at the motel 6 in Danvers. Because that’s what happens when you scam people out of thousands and thousands of dollars, boys and girls.


Who would’ve thought this chick is a scammer?


Inconceivable! Anyway, this is a developing story, and we’ll bring you more details as they come available. Is this another one in the graveyard? Sure looks like it!


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