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Dante Comparetto Announces He’s Stepping Down From School Committee After Calling “White Teacher’s Union” Bigots Because Superintendent Got A New Contract


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Overly qualified superintendent Maureen Binienda got a 3 year contract extension from the Worcester School Committee last night, despite a three hour protest featuring kids with signs repeating things Kevin Ksen and Joyce McNickles told them to.

These people aren’t good at working the system, which is why they lose. You don’t get things done by yelling and holding signs. You get things done by lobbying elected officials and working towards realistic goals.

Although the vote was 5-2, only Brian O’Connell, John Monfredo, and Diana Biancheria deserve your vote. Molly McCullough and Joe Petty voted yes, but only after attempting to appease the activists by accusing Binienda of not doing enough to lower the amount of suspensions for Latino students. Those two are cowards and crowd pleasers. They are unworthy of political office.

It goes without saying that the two who voted no (Jack Foley and Dante Comparetto) should not get yoru vote. But it appears as if that won’t be an issue for Comparetto after he announced on Facebook that he is taking his ball and going home:

I have a feeling he’s going to regret this and delete it, because he’s a complete psychopath. So here’s the screenshots:

It’s embarrassing that someone like this could ever be elected in Worcester. He’s quitting because his true colors have been revealed and knows that he can’t win in November. Writing things like this will ensure that:

As we saw last night and the last few meetings, we are not just dealing with a few bigots. It was a disgusting sight to behold- we had the white teachers union taking up the whole gallery while the Teamsters were keeping communities of color out of the room and attempting to intimidate School Committee members into supporting the superintendent.

The chambers were filled with teachers and principals there to support Mrs. Binienda. Instead of criticizing them for supporting her, he criticized them for being white.

On top of that he accused the Teamsters of using thuggish behavior in order to force the School Committee to vote for the contract, as if they weren’t going to do that already. He accused them of keeping people of color out of the chambers, even though the reason they got the seats first is because the protesters were doing this:

The best part? Both the teachers and Teamsters endorsed him in 2017. It’s the pinned post on his Facebook page:

This is what political suicide looks like.

And this didn’t help either:

As a man of ethics and principles, I cannot remain a part of a body that is morally corrupt, a committee representing a very racist community.

Calling the entire city of Worcester a “very racist community” is generally not a good way to get re-elected by that community.

Here’s a couple more things I found interesting:

Nobody likes to talk about this sad truth publicly. The way we fund schools, the way we limit programming, the arts and sports, the kids who get disciplined, the kids who get field trips and AP classes and the kids who get test-prepped, the kids who go on to college – are still divided along racial lines.

The schools are funded by the state and federal government. The schools all have arts and sports teams, many of which are good, and are comprised primarily by students of color. It would be nice to see more students of color in AP classes, but it is up to each individual student of color to maintain the grades in order to qualify.

When communities of color bring up their experiences in our schools, it is a shame that we continue to disregard them.

The students of color he is referring to got a private meeting with the superintendent of the second largest city in New England. They were not entitled to that, but she gave it to them anyway.

Just look at that state of our public dialogue, the false narratives, the vitriol.

The irony is off the charts.

Democracy is dying when we make sure certain people have no political voice: When we make deals behind closed doors, keep people from speaking in public meetings, when subcommittee meetings are delayed or canceled, when decisions are made in executive session, the lack of communication, when the Superintendent is no longer accountable to the School Committee and to the public, the School Committee is no longer given the opportunity to function in its role to serve the best interests of the students.

They’ve had a voice and used it quite often. Democracy is a majority rule, and their fringe opinions were not the majority. Democracy is thriving, Dante just doesn’t like the results.

This is a great day for the City of Worcester and the public schools. Congrats to Mrs. Binienda and good riddance to Dante’s reign of terror.


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