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Danvers Mom Of 3 Teenage Boys Starts GoFundMe For IVF After Getting Tubes Tied, Admonishes Skeptics For Not Sharing 


This is Lyna Hernandez from the Danvers.

She’s spawned three teenage boys and apparently decided that now would be a good time to start over, pass go, and collect $200.


Except in this case it’s more like $380. And this time around she doesn’t have a male companion around to dump a load of baby gravy in her tampon tunnel. Luckily for her in vitro fertilization is a thing, but there’s just one problem – it costs $15-20K, which she doesn’t have. Fear not though, because she started a GoFundMe.

I have officially seen it all now. Every day I think I’ve already seen the craziest thing I’ll ever see. Then a $3,500 IVF GoFundMe appears in the inbox and I realize that Turtleboy will never, ever go out of business.

According to her she got her tubes tied over 10 years ago, but has since started a book club for women, and wants to set a good example for them by showing that they too can conceive a child from a random sperm donor by raising money from strangers.

She shared the link in a local Mom’s group, and people understandably thought it was odd for someone with three teenage children to beg for money to have a fourth conceived in a petri dish. Ya know, because it’s generally something people do when they don’t have any children to begin with. But Fallopian Felicia made it clear that if you weren’t sharing it you needed to go ahead and stop asking questions.

How dare you do anything but shut up and give her your money!

And her vote counts just as much as yours.

Anyway, she’s shared the GFM a million times on Facebook and it doesn’t seem to be moving towards the target goal, which isn’t enough to begin with. So it looks like if she wants to fire another out before her biological clock expires she’s going to have to do it the old fashioned way. Any volunteers? You could do a lot worse for Turtleboy.

Welp, that’s about enough Internet for one day. See you on the live show tonight!


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