Danvers Town Manager Steve Bartha Orders Fire Department To Remove Thin Blue Line Flags From Trucks, Lies About Consulting With Board Of Selectman


This is Danvers Town Manager Steve Bartha.

Pornstache Peter is a carpetbagger from Connecticut who was hired as Danvers town manager in 2014 after previously serving as assistant town manager in the wealthy CT town of Avon.  He has no ties to the region and thus doesn’t care about the values that people in town, or this state have. So it’s not surprising that he followed the lead of the cowards in Hingham by ordering the Danvers Fire Department to remove thin blue line flags they have had on their trucks since Michael Chesna was killed because he received one complaint.


“The thin blue line flag means different things to different people, and it has long been an important symbol of support and solidarity for members of public safety departments and their families,” Bartha said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the symbol has also become a form of political speech in today’s social landscape that has the power to make marginalized members of our community feel unwelcome and unsafe, so this week I ordered them to be removed from Danvers fire apparatus.”

How long are people going to continue to put up with these attacks on law enforcement by unelected, overpaid hacks like Steve Bartha? How many American cities do we need to see go up in flames as cowardly politicians hand them over to terrorists, simply because they call themselves the inviting name “black lives matter?” How long do we have to pretend that these attacks are somehow being done as “justice” for George Floyd?

Bartha is hiding behind the completely made up lie that “marginalized” members of the community feel unsafe because the fire department honors murdered police officers. He’s pretending like he’s doing it to protect their feelings, when in reality he just agrees with them. We know this because he easily could’ve told the emailer that he wouldn’t be removing the flag, or he could’ve consulted with the Board of Selectmen. Instead he took it down because he knew that removing the flags would be unpopular in Danvers. Danvers is not Cambridge, Somerville, or Hingham. They voted for Hillary Clinton, but not by that much. They voted against legalization of weed and casinos. This is not a community where turning against the police would meet popular approval.

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The thin blue line flag is only a “symbol” of political speech in the minds of people who think that supporting the police is an inherently political statement. It’s not. Law and order protects democrats and republicans from violence, along with people of all races. Simply because the terrorist group known as black lives matter says that flag is a symbol of white supremacy does not make it so.

Regardless, the flag was put on the truck two years ago, not in reaction to recent BLM protests and rioting. It’s a ridiculous assertion to claim that it’s suddenly changed its meaning for the Danvers FD.

Reading the comments on the Danvers Town page it’s pretty clear that the citizens there support the police, and this is NOT Hingham. I’ve seen exactly one person say they support the unilateral attack on police.

There is nothing more racist than a white person who feels that they are equipped to speak for all people of color. White people who assume that black people are so mentally weak and fragile that they not only feel unwelcome over visual support for public servants, but also require white people to defend them from these symbols. That’s what people like Erin Dougherty Hatch are saying when they post racist comments like this.

Don’t be a racist like Erin, or a virtue signaling coward like Steve Bartha. He needs to put the flags back on those trucks, and neighboring towns and cities should proudly fly them on theirs. This man lied about consulting with the Board of Selectmen and did this unilaterally. Feel free to contact him to respectfully communicate your feelings about this attack on law enforcement.

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