Daughter Threatens To Sue Anyone Criticizing Her Mother For Their Plot To Pose As Baby Photographers And Drug A Mother To Kidnap Her Baby 


Thirty eight year old Colorado resident Juliette Parker appeared to be a woman who had her life together.

She recently was the second place finisher in the Colorado Springs Mayoral race, despite an aggressive tittoo that was hard to miss during interviews.

But looks can be deceiving, and as it turned out she had some dark secrets that the world wasn’t seeing.

Pierce County detectives said more mothers are coming forward in a terrifying baby kidnapping plot. Investigators say “Juliette Parker” tried to lure new moms posing as a baby photographer and detectives tell us more new moms are sharing their concerns. KOMO News spoke with a new mom who said she connected with Parker on social media for baby pictures. For Amanda Appling, the allegations against Juliette Parker are chilling and hit close to home.

Investigators said Parker posed as a newborn photographer then drugged a Spanaway mom with a cupcake during a photo shoot to steal her baby and raise it as her own. Detectives said Parker’s 16-year-old daughter has been arrested in the plot, too.

“I was completely appalled. I was like that could have been me,” said Appling. “It was really disturbing to say the least.”

Appling says in December she responded to a Facebook post from Parker offering to take free pictures of new born babies and Appling wanted some for her baby boy.

“She informed me that she wasn’t looking for a boy at the time, but that she would save his picture and let me know later on if she was looking for a boy to do photos with, so I just let it go and said whatever,” said Appling.

Now that investigators say that was Parker’s plot to lure moms with baby girls, Appling feels lucky her baby is a boy.

“A little bit different situation and that could have been me,” said Appling. “It puts me on edge a little bit. Makes me want to protect my children.”

Right now detectives are actively investigating who else Parker was in contact with and her background. A video from last March shows Parker reportedly running for Mayor of Colorado Springs.

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“She wanted a girl. She wanted them five weeks and younger so she could raise it herself, take it out of state and pretend it was a newborn of her own,” said Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff Department.

Well, turns out she’s a psychopath. Watch this video of her in court and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If no fucks given had a face.

Here’s the post she made to get access to the poor mother and her baby who she nearly got away with snatching.

The Lifetime movie for this one is gonna be lit!

She contacted her ex-boyfriend to get the date rape drug, planned on using it on a homeless woman, and said she’d marry him if he get get her a baby girl 5 weeks or younger.

Funny she says she was targeting the homeless, since helping the homeless was her primary platform in the election.

I’ll give her this though – she did a higher percentage of the vote than Pocahontas did in New Hampshire.

This isn’t some small city either. It’s the size of Boston, and she was the runner up. That’s amazing.

Another woman posted about this a week before she was actually arrested.

Since it hadn’t been in the news a lot of people chalked it up to pumpkin spice mafia hysteria, and/or fake news. But guess who showed up on the past threatening deformation after it got shared hundreds of times?

Yup – her equally crazy 16 year old daughter who was also arrested in the crotch fruit date rape heist.

BFFLs!! Best felons for life!

Faith Gaines posted over and over again about how her poor Mom dindu nuffin because she got 12,000 votes for Mayor, and blamed the victim who nearly lost her baby in this scheme.

There’s no way her Mom could’ve done this crime because she took pictures of other babies and none of them were kidnapped or drugged.

For a 16 year old girl, she sure knew a lot about the date rape drug.

Meanwhile Mom, who has since taken her Facebook page down, was doing the same.

When one of Juliette’s friends messaged her about the post she told her that the woman she tried to steal a baby from is a junkie who’s always high around her kids.

Then out of nowhere the father showed up to complain about the system and how this never would’ve happened if he had custody.

He may have a point, since she still had access to her kids despite an arrest with her ex-boyfriend (who’s named after a woman’s body part), in which they nearly blew their heads off messing around with ammunition in their home, right above where her own kids slept.

There might be a reason he doesn’t have custody either.

Just sayin. He was pimpin his GoFundMe out too.

So we’re supposed to give this guy money because his 16 year old kid and his baby momma got arrested for a horrific crime? What’s the money going to exactly? The feel bad for you fund? Sounds legit.

Of course Mom is no stranger to GoFundMe scams herself. She once pretended to have cancer.

She never collected the $4,100 she needed to remove the life saving brain tumor, but yet here she is, alive and functioning despite it. Almost like there was no brain tumor. Excellent use of the children to elicit sympathy and bring in more donations though.

And in the least surprising news ever she also does a lot of pyramid schemes too.

You might as well tattoo Herbalife on her forehead.

Is there any way we can get this woman on the live show this weekend? I feel like she’s the kind of crazy person who would actually come on and try to talk her way out of this. If anyone knows how to reach her hit me at [email protected]


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