Dave Portnoy Bows To Corporate Pressure By Removing Viral Alex Stein Video Satirizing Gambling Addiction, Gets Ratioed, Lashes Out At Conservatives 


Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (9:00)

A couple weeks go we blogged about Alex Stein, a right wing comedian/troll known for showing up at random City Council meetings across the country and doing hilarious stuff like this:

He made headlines a few weeks ago when he cat-called AOC on her way into the Capitol and got her to embarrass herself by pretending to be a victim, before going on Twitter and pretending to be a hardo who was about to knock him out.

Didn’t wanna “catch a case” today. She’s so urban! Totally wouldn’t suspect she’s a middle class white girl from Westchester who moved to the big city to bartend after getting an overpriced degree from BU.

This week Alex Stein spoke in front of the Las Vegas City Council and told them that he was concerned about the free drinks at casinos that preyed on vulnerable people like him, who were in Vegas to make money to support his girlfriend’s love child she made with another man.


The video made the rounds and yesterday Barstool Sports retweeted it before taking it down a few hours later.


Barstool Sports is owned by Penn Entertainment, a gambling company, and because the Alex Stein video made jokes about gambling addicts Dave Portnoy caved to his corporate masters who wouldn’t allow his company to share funny videos on social media. He was forced to remove the video, and Alex Stein called Portnoy out on that.

I’ve been calling Barstool out for this for years. It’s why at the 10:30 mark of this video in 2020 Dave complained that I was criticizing his company for raising money to bail rioters and looters out of jail.

This led to a huge back and forth in which Davey Mouse completely embarrassed himself and once again proved what a useless sellout he’s become.

Dave gained popularity with conservatives during the pandemic and was a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson due to his outspoken opposition to lockdowns. During his wildly successful 20 year journey of building up Barstool Sports, all of the people who have attempted to silence him, protest his events, misrepresent the things he’s said, label him as a racist, sexist, homophobe etc, have been on the left. Like many socially liberal people who grew up in the 90’s, Dave was used to a Democratic party that believed in free speech and sexual freedom. But now the roles have become reversed and it’s the right that has become the champions for artistic freedom, and people like Dave have yet to come to terms with the fact that the left abandoned them.

For those reasons most of Dave’s followers now are right wing, but they’re new to him so they don’t understand that he’s not really one of them. He’s now being ratioed and dragged by these people for trying and failing to go after Alex Stein, and Davey Mouse isn’t taking it well.


Dave flat out admits that he was cuckholded by his corporate masters at Penn to remove content from the brand he built because making jokes about the reality of degenerate gamblers could cause gamblers to seek help, which would hurt Penn’s bottom line.

“I hate losers who make everything political on both sides.”

No one who has ever made this statement has actually thought it through. It’s just a way for gutless fence sitters to try to “both sides” it because they’re afraid of offending half the population. The left wants Dave to be silenced, arrested, and jailed. The right wants him to put on a rubber when he’s banging his Nantucket whores. These things are not equal.

Dave’s accusing his critics on the right of performing felatio on him when he says things they like, and is doing the “I hate both sides” thing still.

But he’s just projecting because he knows he’s become to Penn what LeBron James is to the Chinese Communist Party. He uses vulgarity to try to pretend like he’s still the edgy guy who will say anything, but in reality he’ll chirp at random people on powerless Twitter who criticize him, but would NEVER think about reacting that way to Penn Entertainment.

Now Dave is putting his fingers in his ears and yelling “I’m winning because I’m rich, things are fine.”

“Not a hard trade for $500 million.”

If your speech can be bought and paid for by a large corporation then what does it matter if you’re rich? Congrats, you’ve become Howard Stern and Oprah. We’re all very impressed.

Dave has shown once again that he is nothing more than a corporate sellout, just like Huffstool has been for years now. You can be the richest person in the world, but if you’re not truly free to say what you want then you’re still owned by someone else. I’ll never be as rich as Dave Portnoy, but I’ll also never be anyone’s bitch like he is. I haven’t had an advertiser in almost 3 years, and I really don’t want anymore in the future. I can’t stand the idea of having my bills paid for by a corporation or business that’s vulnerable to cancel mobs, and can urge me to tone down content in order to appease the people who are bothering them.

Earlier in the week Portnoy did a podcast with Andrew Tate, a MMA fighter who’s turned into the most controversial person on the Internet over his views on women and social issues. Around the 34 minute mark Tate calls him out for exactly what he is:


“You can’t just have f*** you money, you have to have a f*** you life.”

That might be the greatest and realest quote I’ve ever heard. Dave can have his $500 million net work and houses on the beach, but at the end of the day when Penn Entertainment tells him he’s not allowed to make a joke, he listens. He knows this criticism is true, which is why he’s lashing out like a child.

Anyway, Dave initially invited Alex Stein on his podcast but ended up rescinding the invitation because “you’re too political for me,” even though he’s basically a comedian and troll who makes funny videos but happens to be right wing.

Being afraid to confront your critics, and then pretending they’re irrelevant because “never heard of you before,” is peak Davey Mouse. Clearly he’s not irrelevant since he has 250K followers and got Dave’s attention. He just checked with his masters who told him they didn’t want someone on a Barstool podcast who might say something they don’t approve of.

P.S. Huffstool isn’t afraid to invite controversy on their podcast, as long as it’s from the left. They had a chick on two years ago who talked about the importance of rioting and looting for racial justice. Dave knows that the right will never try to hurt his bottom line like the left will, which is why he now caters to the latter. For a complete list of all the times Huffstool has given into PC mobs, raised money for BLM rioters, and other antics, read this thread.



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