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David Leavitt Confronted By McDonald’s Employee While Working Job At Marshall’s After Shaming Her Boss For Not Refilling Days Old Cup


David Leavitt has a long and documented history of making intentionally insensitive jokes for the sole purpose of being edgy, and harassing and shaming employees at large corporate owned businesses, all of which he shares on his blue checkmark verified account with over 200,000 followers.

Two months after making a joke about the bombing of an Arianna Grande concert just moments after the incident occurred, David made Twitter headlines again when he harassed and attempted to shame a McDonald’s manager in Marshfield. Days earlier he bought a drink at another McDonald’s using the drive through. Instead of throwing out the cup he brought it to the Marshfield McDonald’s days later, and asked them to refill it for him. When the manager said no he responded by filming her, doxxing her, and attempting to publicly humiliate her in front of his 200K followers.

Since he’s got life by the balls he can single-handedly bring down a multi-billion dollar corporation like McDonald’s by taking the “thousands of dollars” he spends annually at McDonald’s, and bringing it to Burger King instead.

He posted a video of it just in case it wasn’t clear how awful he is, and the Internet destroyed him.

To make matters worse he was only able to dox her to his followers after found out her name when she was asked for it by the dispatcher. He then doxxed her by tagging her so his 200K followers could see who she was, and said that the billion dollar corporation would be damaged when the “thousands of dollars” he spends at McDonald’s goes to Burger King instead.

The guy who’s trying NOT to give McDonald’s his money is telling them that he’s taking his money elsewhere. That makes sense.

Then he goes and tweets stuff like this.

He really is the worst person on earth.

An employee at the time emailed us today with a nice little surprise.

In 2017 he tried messing with my boss at McDonald’s in Marshfield over refilling a soda cup that he didn’t even purchase at our location. I learned that he started working at Marshalls afterwards so I went there and gave him a taste of his own medicine since he tried to humiliate and shame her all over his Twitter.

This video is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. (I also got to interview Amanda Disley and her husband Benny, the Springfield couple that potentially saved a girl’s life after tracking down her kidnapper).

“Can I have free stuff? I have 1,083 followers, I can be an a**hole too.”

That woman is a legend. I want to knight her into the Turtleboy Hall of Fame. As a fan of revenge, this was arguably the greatest piece of revenge I’ve ever witnessed. The guy works at Marshall’s! I guess that’s what a “freelance social media manager” looks like.

How on earth is this nudnik verified by Twitter? What does he do? Besides working at Marshall’s and documenting himself shaming employees at chain restaurants and stores. Seems unclear.

I showed turtle riders that video on the live show last night at the 1:06 mark of the show. I can’t stop laughing.



He is just such a spectacular loser. I’ve never seen anyone this horrible. And he lives so close too. I would love to find Mr. Leavitt and interview him. Anyone know were he’s working at these days? Email me at [email protected] if you do!


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