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David Njuguna Ignores Good Advice From Attorney And Judge Kenton-Walker In Trial For Killing Trooper Clardy, Elects To Blame Racism During Insane Courtroom Outburst Instead


The trial for State Trooper Thomas Clardy’s killer, David Njuguna, was set to come to a close this week nearly three years after Clardy was struck and killed by Njuguna while conducting a traffic stop on the shoulder of the Mass Pike. I talked about in detail last night on the YouTube Live show, (never miss an episode by subscribing here).

All evidence has been presented and closing statements were set to begin, but evidently Njuguna (who many are now calling “African Abrams”) decided that the trial thus far had been a sham and he was going to let the court know about it. Watch this insanity.

First of all, he got a gift with Judge Janet “let em walk” Kenton-Walker. This is the second high profile killer (Erika Murray being the other) who has chosen trial by judge instead of trial by jury. This should be a red flag. If every killer who comes before the court chooses to be judged by her, instead of by a jury, this would seem to suggest that they think she’ll be more lenient and forgiving then 12 random people. And they’d be right.

Njuguna wants Walker to think he’s crazy. That was why he had that outburst. He knew the evidence has not been going his way and he wants to create doubt in her mind that he is of sound mind so he won’t go to big boy jail.

His attorney Peter Ettenburg is a big name around Worcester County. He’s one of the guys you want on your side if you’re facing a serious charge like this. It’s not his first rodeo, and whatever legal advice he gives you is probably really good advice.

Naturally Njuguna decided to ignore it and do his own thing instead. This is the point where Ettenburg said “f*** it, I’m not the one who has to do the time.”

As for the case itself, this is a tough one. I can’t imagine why he would decide to intentionally kill Trooper Clardy, since there was certainly no guarantee that he would live himself if he did. But it seems like really, really bad luck to randomly lose control of your car right in the part of the highway where a trooper was parked.

His defense team is blaming it on a seizure, while the prosecution is blaming weed. To me going after the weed angle is a bad idea. It’s almost impossible to prove someone was high during a crash. Weed stays in your system for weeks so the blood tests prove nothing. I’d be more aggressive and try to find a way to argue that he did it intentionally, or that he’s just a reckless douchebag, but then again I only play an attorney on Facebook.

Back to the outburst, the second Njuguna started talking his attorneys immediately knew something was wrong and tried to stop it.

Even Walker tried to help him out. But the mere fact that she allowed him to ramble on for five minutes shows you just how little control she has in her courtroom.

But Njuguna wouldn’t listen to her or his experienced criminal defense attorney. He actually thought it would be a good idea to apologize multiple times to Mrs. Clardy, because he’s completely tone deaf and wanted to throw some more salt on her wounds. I transcribed the whole outburst as best I could.

“Your honor. I do know what has happened your honor so there’s no need to go any further. Mr. Ettenburg already told me your honor. He told me not to, and I’m very sorry Mrs. Clardy for what happened. But  your honor he told me not to say anything because it would look better if I trusted in God. And it just shows that I wanted to apologize to Mrs. Clardy and the troopers but Mr. Ettenburg told me to wait. And I’m very sorry your honor. I’ve been wanting to say that for a while.”

“OK, you’ve said that.”

She should’ve ended it right there. Instead she allowed him to ramble on and make a mockery of the court.

“And even with the toxicology reports and the search warrants.”

“Mr. Njuguna, you’re not under oath.”

“And Mr. Ettenburg knows it and I’m just sorry your honor.”

“You’re not under oath so I’m not going to accept this as testimony.”

“Someone already told me that you did that yesterday, and someone told me that it’s already done. I was been given.”

“There’s nothing done.”

Stop right there. He kept saying that “someone told me” something. In other words, he’s getting legal advice from other prisoners in jail. He “knows his rights,” and he thinks the system has screwed him over by giving him one of the best attorneys money can buy, and one of the most lenient judges a defendant can be dealt. Sure, Ettenberg went to law school and actually knows what he’s talking about, but Njuguna talked to a couple dudes in jail so he’s going to listen to them instead.

“I’ve been given half days and people were coming in and testifying at that time, and I’m sorry your honor. Mr. Ettenburg told me not to say anything with search warrants and everything, he told me not to say anything about how the search warrants were received and how they were done. And I’m very sorry your honor.”

Re-litigating evidence with the judge seemed like a great idea when the guy in cell block D told him to do that in exchange for toothpaste. Notice how whenever he’s rambling on about how he’s being railroaded he interjects with “and I’m very sorry your honor.” Clearly he’s not, and if he was he’d shut up and allow the trial to proceed.

Because I thought that I could trust him, and I thought that I could trust the system. But even with the evidence I was wondering, where is our evidence? And he told me to just let it go. And I did let it go, because that’s what he advised me. And your honor, he said that I should trust him, and I’m very sorry that it was an accident, and I’m very sorry even with all the testimony that’s been given. Even with all the expert things that’s been given your honor. I’m afraid for my life. I tried, I tried to trust you. And I tried to trust them. And, you know, I just wanted you to know that I’m very sorry, and even with the search warrants and the blood and everything else. Being like it’s not, he had evidence that the blood is not mine, he had evidence that the search warrants were done improperly, that somebody committed prejudice and stuff.”

Somebody committed “prejudice and stuff.” It was only a matter of time until the race card was played. Very compelling argument.

And he told me to let it go so that I could have (inaudible) with you your honor. And I let it go. I didn’t bring it up anything, I didn’t bring up anything your honor. And I’ve been scared your honor. Because that’s what they told me your honor. And I trusted even when I came…..”

“Mr. Njuguna, at this point I’m gonna ask you to sit down, or I’m gonna have you removed from the courtroom because you’re out of order. You’ve not been called as a witness”


“Listen to me. I’m not going to hear you anymore. This is not I’m going to address now.”

“But your honor everyone has told me this has already happened your honor.”

“Mr. Clancy, we’re gonna remove Mr. Njuguna from the courtroom.”

“Why do you not give me justice your honor? I’m sorry for what happened. Why you people lying about everything? Oh my God, why you lying?”

And they finally hauled him away.

He came back into the courtroom hours later in handcuffs and was once again removed when he stood up and wouldn’t sit his fat ass down.

A jury of 12 citizens would see this display and they’d let it factor into their decision. Let em Walk Walker is a judge and she knows she can’t do that. For that reason I still think that despite this madness there’s a good chance she’ll come back with not guilty. That’s just what she does.


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