Davis Farmland Doubles Down, Claims Disabled Man Is Threat To Children, Morally Compromised Women Support Davis For Keeping Them Safe From Disabled People


Last week I published a story about Davis Farmland in Sterling not allowing a nonverbal, non-mobile 21 year old in to pet the goats because their policy assumes that anyone who doesn’t have someone 12 or under with them is a potential threat to children. The worst part was that they encouraged his caretakers to find a family in the parking lot and pretend to be with them in order to circumvent the rules, which they did. But it was a horrible experience, and one that Davis Farmland stands by despite the media scrutiny.

They posted this yesterday on Facebook.


I’ve been to this place several times, and I will never go again. Words can’t describe how morally bankrupt Davis Farmland is. Their entire policy revolves around the idea that one must assume that people like Austin are deviants who are there to rape children.

Think of how twisted your mind has to be to reach that conclusion. Who is protected by keeping him out?

Their rules also show how little they actually know about sexual abuse of children. Most kids who are victims of sexual abuse know their abuser. The idea that you are protecting kids from child molesters by only allowing in adults who have children with them is laughable. And to make matters worse they encourage you to recruit strange children and their families in the parking lot in order to get around the rule, which completely defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. If you kidnapped a child and there was an Amber Alert out for them you’d be allowed to pet the goats at Davis Farmland, but Austin is banned.

The people who commented and voiced their support are some of the most vile, repugnant, shameful people on the planet, and you should know their names.

New normal? You think this is COVID related? What is your major malfunction woman?

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If you’re thanking Davis Farmland for keeping you safe by keeping this man away from your kids:

Then you are a horrible, ugly, disgusting excuse for a human being. I wish you nothing but pain and misery for the rest of your soulless existence.

Look at this maroon.

You felt safe because they discriminate against people who have the mental capacity of a five year old? Nancy, you’ve been to Haiti and let the world know about it.

Why are you allowed to hug and grope strange children but Austin can’t even be let around them? Haiti is a third world country and the exact opposite of safe. You’ve seen kids who live in real poverty and have to worry about real safety. Now you’re back stateside pretending that a man in a wheelchair is going to rape your kids? What is wrong with you?

The worst of the worst was this woman:

We blogged about Kelly Cote in March when she started harassing our advertisers with fraudulent one star reviews because she’s in the Bristol Blarney cult.

She is quite possibly the most miserable person on the internet.

She happens to be a “spoonie,” which is basically someone who isn’t sick but pretends to be and tells you that you have to believe that they’re sick even though they’re clearly not.

This dreadful, ghastly super Karen is blaming Austin’s mother and demanding she apologize to Davis Farmland.

Hey Kelly, unlike you Austin has a real disability. You are nothing more than an able bodied fraud who sits online all day, pretending to be sick, whining about how hard your pumpkin spice life is out in Ludlow, refusing to work, and being completely useless. If you died tomorrow nobody would miss you. Unlike you, Austin is loved and wanted, something you will never be.

None of these people will ever amount to be half the person that Austin is. This young man will be under the care of his parents until they die. He will never be able to do normal day to day activities that the rest of us take for granted. All he wanted to do was pet some goats, and these evil people took it away from him because it makes them feel “safe.”

Anyway, on a happy note Southwick Zoo in Mendon sent Austin’s family free passes, and Barn Babies in Lakeville is driving to Central Mass on Monday to give Austin a petting zoo at his house. So there are still kind and decent people in the world, and businesses that use common sense. Not every is as evil as Davis Farmland.


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