DCF, Barnstable Police Take Action After Seeing Video Of Hyannis Mother Abusing Her Kids, Friends Defend Behavior


On Wednesday we published a blog on Hyannis mother Cassie Mendoza, after she posted videos online of herself abusing her children by smashing eggs on their heads and throwing them around in a grocery cart.

She deactivated her Facebook shortly after the blog was published but responded on Snapchat with another video.

“I didn’t know it was abuse to play with your kids and crack eggs over their heads. (mockingly) Oh my God! Call the police! Feel free, call them up baby. F***ing weirdos.”

Clearly she sees nothing with what she did, and would abuse those kids in a heartbeat if she was allowed to retain custody. Luckily TB Daily News is widely read by cops and social workers everywhere and we have confirmation that both DCF and the Barnstable Police are now involved.

Next time someone complains about Turtleboy being mean, remind them that this is who we’re being “mean” to. And as a result they’re held accountable for being abusive deadbeats to children. I will never apologize for that.

Unfortunately the bigger problem is that there are so many of her friends who seem to think that this is normal, acceptable behavior from a mother.

Holy sentagraph Batman! If you ever find yourself writing the phrase, “apparently Ima be the next one up on Turtleboy,” you should probably just delete everything you’ve written, and then delete your account entirely. She does make a good point though – eggs are food. Generally in my house we eat food, not decorate our crotch fruits in it though. If I may speak bluntly, this is exactly the kind of face I’d imagine would come from a person who thinks it’s normal to egg your own children.

Then there was this.

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At least she used periods and acknowledged that she wouldn’t crack an egg on her semen demon’s head. So we’re making progress here, even though watching scary movies is not even remotely the same thing as child abuse.

Chanelle Smith was a real gem too.


See? There’s a perfectly good explanation – the kid asked to be abused. Why didn’t she just say that? Back in her day adults used to abuse kids and no one batted an eye!

What kind of demented abuser walks a kid into a metal trash can as a form of abuse? That’s just diabolical, but also explains a lot about this up and coming bootleg IG model in the making.

Plus, the girl wasn’t listening so she asked to get tossed around that shopping cart.

See guys? It wasn’t Cassie’s fault, it was inertia’s fault. Someone needs to file a 51A on Isaac Newton.

Cassie Mendoza’s baby daddies (plural, of course) shockingly don’t seem to be around. Some have told us they’re in jail, and some have said that they’re cop killers.

I have no way of confirming, nor do I care. All I care about is keeping those children away from this monster and her friends who seem to have normalilzed child abuse.

P.S. Lost in all this abuse is the fact that this woman is a waste of a perfectly good body.

Very few women are blessed with a body like that, and I can’t even fap to it without thinking about the flat brimmed express that has deflowered it over the years.


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