DCF Dad Who Threatened Turtleboy Outside Worcester Courthouse Has Multiple Evictions, Overdue Child Support, Threatens Multiple Turtle Riders


Last week I was confronted outside of Worcester District Court after winning yet another harassment order hearing against a group of DCF Moms who didn’t like the blog I wrote about their fraudulent nonprofit. Despite the douchebag court officer forcing us to wait 15 minutes so that these ratchets could leave ,they were still standing outside waiting for me when I left. One of the baby daddy’s was with them outside and repeatedly told me that he was going to “knock my ass out” and “f*** my ass up,” ordered me to felate him, claimed he knew where I lived, and even said that he was at my house the night before. At the end he said he “fights with guns.”

I don’t want to misgender this fella, but I can’t tell if he had a really bad face lift or fell asleep in a fire pit during a meth fueled bender.



I for one am shocked that these fine specimens ever had their litter of children removed from their home. According to the documentary Kayla Baillargeon willingly used to exploit her 4 foster ferbies, DCF took them all from her for absolutely no reason.

Which is so weird, because they totally seem like stable, loving, and drug free parents who get dressed up for court and behave normally in public. All they wanted was for DCF to leave them alone so they could reunite Triple J with baby Booger.

Nostrildamus’s name is Victor Almodovar, and he definitely seems like the kind of person you’d want to procreate with if you were already on thin ice with DCF.


Sadly, it’s already too late for one of their children.

Your kid has a better chance going to preschool in Kiev than he does if you buy him a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat at that age. That alone is grounds for a 51A.

After I published that video on YouTube Nostrildamus showed up on our Facebook page to remind me how scared I am of him, then began to send threatening messages to anyone who commented on his public behavior.


He’s currently “self employed.”

Which is code for “I can get you dirt cheap mid grades from my boy in Webster.”

In 2018 while “fighting” to get their kids back the lovely couple was evicted from their Southbridge apartment, which I didn’t even know was possible since it’s Southbridge. They owed over $4K in rent.

Now they live in Worcester and are doing what they always do – living in someone else’s property while not paying rent. Luckily for them the COVID eviction moratorium has prevented the landlord from kicking them out after initiating the eviction process in 2021.


In 2018 they were back in court when Kayla filed a complaint to establish paternity and dragged Nostrildamus and her ex-husband in front of a judge.

The problem is that she divorced the ex-husband in 2015, began dating Victor, and wasn’t sure who the father was 3 years later. Her new cuck boy toy must be thrilled to know that.

And of course Nostrildamus also has another child with another woman who brought him in for unpaid child support in 2016.

These creatures perfectly encapsulate the average Turtleboy hater, and I couldn’t be prouder to offend people like this each and every day. The irony of people claiming to be so scared that they need an order, threatening the guy they’re scared of outside of court and vowing to come to his house, isn’t lost on anyone except the idiot Judge who took this seriously.


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