DCF Moms Use Unregistered Nonprofit To Solicit Donations To Reunite Deadbeat Parents With Kids, Take Down “Corrupt” Judges


We’ve written a lot of blogs about shady nonprofits, and even more blogs about DCF Moms whining that the DCF Fairy kidnapped their kids, but we have yet to see the two combine until now.

This is Kayla Baillargeon, Amy Holbrook, and Mandy Small, all from Worcester County.

They are the board members of what appears to be a nonprofit called Proactive Families Advocacy, which has a website and a Facebook page, so you know they’re legit.


According to their mission statement PFA strives to be an “ineffable community and peer advocacy.”

Whatever that means.

They claim to guide families through child welfare agencies by providing resources and support, while “assisting in areas of decreasing case load burn outs, termination of parental rights, and unnecessary adoptions.”

In other words, they help DCF Moms who lost their kids to the system.

On top of their mission statement they also went the extra mile and put out a vision statement as well.

Their vision is to “provide integrity by proactively filling the gaps as nurturing, unbias(ed), and diverse professional community and peer advocated between families, communities, and child welfare agencies.”

They are “enhancing empowerment in quality of family life by strengthening ties fairly through core values universally.”

They also “offer equality in a uniquely formatted advocacy experience for each individual family.”

Those are all certainly words. They don’t really make sense when you throw them in a sentence like that, but they are in fact words at least, and several have at least three syllables. Plus they’re inspired by Frederick Douglas, so this organization is clearly legit.

Except there’s just one problem.

There isn’t a nonprofit with that name on the Attorney General’s website. I messaged the Facebook page to ask why that was and immediately got blocked.

Nothing shady about that.

PFA does solicit donations and sells their services online.

But when you start a nonprofit in this state you can pretty much do whatever you want, and raise as much money as you want without filling out any paperwork until Turtleboy writes about you.

So what sort of services does this nonprofit provide exactly? Well, if you’ve got a criminal record they can help seal up your file so it doesn’t get in the way of a Google search.


They charge $50 to help you plan for college or teach you how to fill out an application for financial aid.

They have forums for DCF Moms to reassure themselves that they are in fact great parents who are getting screwed over by the child kidnappers at DCF.

They put together documentaries with other DCF Moms about how they’re all being railroaded by the corrupt system. PFA’s President Kayla Baillargeon was featured at the 12 minute mark of the video below, complaining about how DCF took her 4 kids for no good reason. In the video she bemoans how she has to keep the house cleaned up in case DCF shows up, even though most people don’t need that incentive to keep their house cleaned. 

“DCF isn’t giving me enough resources.”

If you need resources from DCF to raise your kids, even though you’re probably eligible for and are actively collecting every form of social welfare known to mankind, then you shouldn’t be having kids.

It took her 5 years to reunify with the three older kids.

I understand that sometimes DCF can be intrusive and they harass innocent families. But when that happens their involvement usually ends quickly when you show that your home is safe for the kids, and you’re drug free and capable of providing a stable environment for them. If DCF won’t reunite you with your kids until 5 years after the fact it’s because you failed to do the bare minimum required to get them back. If you’re complaining that passing drug tests, staying employed, and cleaning your house is too much pressure for you, then you shouldn’t have kids in the first place. If you lost 3 kids to the system and you had a 4th, and then you named that child “Booger,” you should be forced to have your tubes tied.

They named their kid Booger while Booger’s 3 older kids were in foster care. That is Ratchet Hall of Fame material.

If you have to be given a plan that tells you how to not expose your children to domestic violence, how to save money, how to feed your kids something that isn’t fast food every night, and how to not have adult conversations around your children, then you shouldn’t have kids in the first place.


That documentary also claims that DCF is racist because there are more open cases with people of color.


DCF is supposed to protect kids by removing them from shitty homes. If they’re removing 2.5 times the black kids than they are the white kids, then it means they care about black kids 2.5 times as much as they do about white kids. Either that or they just do their job without thinking about the race of the people they’re looking into. Regardless, Kayla is white, and so is everyone in her organization.

So, yea.

The organization list its headquarters at an industrial park on Forest Street in Marlborough, but last month they were soliciting donations to a residential address in Worcester that would be given to “young woman in Africa who are unable to retrieve these items on their own without costs.”

Ya got that? This bootleg organization has a direct line to “Africa.” It’s not clear which country in Africa, or how they will get the products there, but everyone in Africa is poor and its all basically the same shit so just shut up and give PFA your money.

This is their secretary Amy Holbrook.

She is definitely the kind of individual you want running your nonprofit considering she has no experience whatsoever and seems to be high 24/7.

Due to her drug use and copious amounts of Google trophies she gets supervised visits with her kids once a week on Sundays.

In June her neighbor in Shrewsbury called the police when her 8 year old son was crying alone outside because Bluntzilla left him home alone. When the police arrived they found the house in disarray, a marijuana farm in her basement, and alcohol left around where the kids could access it.

Just like Bishop Tony Branch, Amy also had her license suspended by the RMV for not paying child support. That doesn’t stop her from attempting to pick up the kids on Sundays for her supervised visits anyway.

The 3 DCF Musketeers  (Mandy, Kayla, Amy) also do weekly videos in which they complain that DCF is a cartel that kidnaps and traffics their children, even though they’re all ideal parents.

They sometimes invite their friends Tiffany Scott and Darlene Orvieto for some pow-wows about how their nonprofit is going to get judges arrested for separating children from neglectful parents.

Anyway, if any of these DCF Moms would like to come on the Live Show Tuesday night to share their side of the story, and perhaps explain why their nonprofit isn’t listed on the AGO’s website, they’re free to unblock me and reach out.




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