Dedham Middle School Principal Creates Program That Tracks Children Who Are Frequent Mask Offenders, Doesn’t Alert Parents First


This is Dedham Middle School Principal Karen Hillman.

We blogged about her last January when a parent named Dave Flynn, who happened to be the high school football coach, objected to a racist BLM propaganda lesson taught in his daughter’s 7th grade class. Karen Hillman dismissed Mr. Flynn’s valid concerns in an email, telling him that students would be taught to “understand their identities,” as white people. When asked about the curriculum Ms. Hillman told them that “our curriculum standards and local curriculum adjust to reflect the current context of the world,” in order to justify what is clearly political brainwashing of children.

According to Ms. Hillman the teachers are supposed to be neutral adults who simply inform them while encouraging students to draw their own conclusions. Mr. Flynn was then fired as football coach for advocating against racism on behalf of his daughter. Judicial Watch has since sued the Dedham Public Schools on his behalf.

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Last week Principal Karen sent an email to a parent alerting her that her daughter had been identified by teachers as “one of the most frequent mask offenders,” and was being added to a cohort that tracks masks offenses committed by students.

This is what your tax dollars are being spent on by the people who will ask you for an override because they can’t afford to buy new books. A program that tracks children who like to breathe air and teaches them how to smother themselves with a useless cloth mask in order to prevent the spread of an airborne virus their teachers are vaccinated against that they don’t have in the first place. Instead of making sure your kids are receiving an adequate education the principal is using her time to “track the data weekly” about how many times your 7th grader had to be reminded to cover their face with a mask and pretend that it’s doing something to stop the spread of COVID.

England, Denmark, Ireland, and most other first world nations have completely abandoned masking and vaccine mandates because after two years they finally realized it wasn’t working. There’s these things called “controlled groups” like Florida, that show us that getting rid of restrictions has no effect on the spread of COVID. A virus is gonna virus.

Meanwhile, stadiums in America have been packed for 9 months now and nobody’s wears masks in them, but your kid is being put into a special group of problematic students without parental consent because they want to breathe air freely in the Dedham Public Schools.

The correct response if your kid ever gets put in one of these is to pull them out of it immediately. Then you should encourage your kids to stop wearing masks in school and dare the principal to suspend them. Enough is enough.



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