Dedham School Committee Vice Chair Upset His Private Texts Were Leaked Saying He Hates People Who Send Turtleboy Information About Town Shenanigans 


This is Victor Hebert, the Vice Chair of the Dedham School Committee.

I had no idea who he was, but apparently he’s some sort of communist who thinks about me a lot, because screenshots from a group text he was in were recently released and he seems very concerned about people talking to me:


This dude won, because he’s a Democrat in a town in which his team is the majority. But that’s not enough power for him. He hates the fact that there are other people in town who dissent, and he REALLY hates the fact that they send story tips like this one for me to publish because it makes his team look bad.

He seems really upset at Jason Brogan, who ran for Selectman but lost due to the fact that he’s on the wrong team. I’ve had many conversations with Jason before, and although I wasn’t happy when he failed to mention that I broke the library Christmas tree scandal in December when he got on Jesse Waters, we get along just fine. But apparently Victor doesn’t like that and wants to go SCORCHED EARTH ON THESE F***ERS because he suspects they feed me information on stories that they know the Boston Globe would try to cover up instead. In fact, he hates people like Jason so much that he’s willing to orchestrate elaborate campaigns to make it seem like Jason is feeding Turtleboy information, “even if it isn’t him.” These people will do anything for power.

This dude is just consumed with hatred for other people who live in his town but don’t agree with him on everything. The whole group chat was in agreement (except for the person who took the screenshots and decided to burn that bridge).

And that basically sums up how the communist thinks. It’s not enough to have political power. They must eliminate all dissent until they have complete one part rule. They don’t view us as fellow citizens trying to raise our families alongside them in the community. They truly hate us for the common sense things we believe in, and you should keep that in mind the next time you attempt to find common ground with a communist.

Anyway, Victor is now doing the most predictable thing ever – making himself the victim.

And it’s working.

Oh no, you’re the first person to ever be betrayed by someone who took screenshots of a group chat! But we had a pact guys! This has literally never happened before. Sure, the messages revealed that you were trying to intentionally spread misinformation about a political adversary because you suspect him of feeding information to an award winning journalist. But the real victim here is you.


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