Democrat Debate Round #3 Live Blog



Round 3 of the Democratic Debate is about to start. Keep refreshing the page to keep up with the live blog!


10:46 – So yea, that was a colossal waste of time. There’s really only 3-4 real candidates, so let’s just get the voting started. Thanks for hanging out tonight turtle riders, see ya tomorrow.


10:43 – Castro – “In many ways I should not be here on this stage tonight.” You’re right, Tulsi should be in your spot. But Kamala the Cop is happy it was you.


10:41 – Let me rank the candidates from most hatable to least hatable:

  1. Pocahontas
  2. Beto
  3. Castro
  4. Booker
  5. Kamala
  6. Bernie
  7. Mayor Pete
  8. Klobuchar
  9. Biden
  10. Yang


10:40 – I really, really, really despite Beto O’Rourke.


10:37 – Andrew Yang is cool and all, but he sounds like a guy selling you on a pyramid scheme a lot of the time. Something about him just kind of seems like he’s full of shit. But at least he has a sense of humor, unlike several of the humorless dregs sharing the stage with him.


10:34 – Mayor Pete has a serious obsession with Mike Pence. Mike Pence has never, ever said a bad word about him, yet Pete constantly references like a boogie man who has been oppressing him. Then he quotes scripture. He’s also full of shit.


10:32 – Those protesters interrupted Biden right before he was about to talk about losing his wife and daughter in a car accident. Guaranteed those useless maggots were Bernie supporters. There’s a 1,000% chance of that. Every lunatic on the left is a Bernie supporter. Every time.


10:30 – Elizabeth Warren – “When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher. I lined my dollies up and taught them. But I only taught one class and they all went into debt so that I could get paid $400,000 a year.”


10:28 – Joe Biden is so old, he’s accomplished so much, and he’s gone through so much personal tragedy. Why the hell would he ever put himself through this? Why would anyone who’s lived a life like this want to be President at such an old age?


10:26 – YESSS!! Protesters!! And they’re really loud too. This is the left folks!


10:25 – I’m even more confident after tonight that Pocahontas wins the nomination. She’s keeping a low profile, not mixing it up with anyone, and making people believe that Biden is the frontrunner so they go after him. He’s not. She is. And this is a good thing for Trump.


10:22 – Just to be clear – if any of these candidates promised me that I could get my Facebook and Twitter accounts back, I would sell my soul and vote for them. But none of them would.


10:20 – I still have no idea what “environmental justice” is? Is that in reference to the racist hurricane that hit the Bahamas but skipped out on Florida? Because that seems pretty racist. Just sayin.


10:17 – “It is a myth that charter schools are better than public schools, they’re not.” – Only good thing Julian Castro has ever said.


10:13 – Kamala Harris is starting with the “If a black student had a black teacher” rhetoric. It’s blatantly racist to assume that black kids can only learn from black teachers.


10:11 – The idea that teachers are spending money out of their own pockets for supplies is largely exaggerated. Let’s be clear – teachers are CHOOSING to do that. I wasn’t spending shit on my class. Every year I went to Staples before school started and probably spent $20 on paper and pens and stuff like that. I hung some quotes up on the wall, which cost nothing. The school will give you pencils if you need them. The idea that teachers are spending thousands of dollars out of their pockets is a huge lie. If they are, then they’re idiots. Keep your money and give the kids what the school provides you with or stop crying about it.


10:09 – The idea that paying teachers more money will improve American schools is asinine. I worked just as hard when I was making $40,000 as I did when I was making $60,000. If they paid me $100,000 I would’ve worked the exact same amount. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see teachers get paid more because for the most part I think they deserve it. But the idea that giving teacher more money will improve student outcomes is meritless posturing.


10:08 – Obama’s Education Secretary shut down hundreds of “underperforming schools.” They are no different than Republicans when it comes to this. Yet teachers unions give them their money.


10:06 – Charter schools are a huge scam, and people like Andrew Yang, who have never taught a day in their lives, have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.


10:04 – No one who says they’re scared of climate change is actually scared of climate change. Except AOC. She actually means it because she’s a stupid, simple minded child, and I hope she never stops.


10:01 – I thought this was a joke, but it appears as if it actually happened.


10:00 – This shit sucks without Marianne Williamson. I need Marianne Williamson in my veins.


9:56 – How hard is it to call a dictator a dictator? Even Julian Castro knows to do that. If you’re over the age of 25 and you’re into Bernie Sanders, you should just give up on life.


9:53 – How come they haven’t asked any candidate about Justice Kavanaugh once during any of these debates? Remember when they pretended that we were letting a rapist on the Supreme Court? I’d love to hear them ask if they think that we should keep anyone off the court so long as the opposition party pulls out someone who says they were dry humped by them 36 years ago. I’ll never forget that, and it’s why I would never consider voting for any of these people.


9:51 – Watching Bernie and Biden argue is a great way to show that the democratic party is the party of youth, diversity, and women.


9:44 – Guys, just pray that the economy stays healthy. If it goes to shit like it did with Bush in late 2008, it’s gonna be bad news. If it stays healthy he’ll be all set. No sane person would ever vote for one of these piranhas if the economy was healthy.


9:41 – Let’s assume all 10 candidates on stage knew what Turtleboy was. If they were asked if Turtleboy should be allowed on Facebook and Twitter, how many of them would say yes? I’d say Yang and that might be it. Biden, Klobuchar, Mayor Pete, and Harris would be inclined to yes, but Pocahontas, Castro, Beto and Bernie would all say no, so they’d have to follow their lead because they are all spineless.


9:39 – “Trump reminds me of that guy behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.” – Kamala Harris.

Umm….the guy behind the curtain WAS the Wizard of Oz, dumbass cop.


9:34 – Does anyone give a shit or vote on the trade war with China? This is more boring than Medicare talk. Just go back to immigration, racism, or transgender abortion rights. That’s the fun stuff we all came here to watch.


9:28 – Andrew Yang knows – tariffs work. This is US History 101. Tariffs protect American businesses. Especially when other countries don’t play by the same environmental rules as us.


9:22 – Somehow this is only halfway done. Who’s winning so far? Probably Donald Trump. But no one really stands out tonight. Biden looks old as shit and Bernie looks more crazy than ever. So I guess by default Pocahontas is the winner.


9:21 – “Never cage another child.” Are we really pretending that huge fenced in areas are cages? Do you want them to be free range migrants, and allow them to aimlessly wander around in the yard?


9:19 – One of the biggest issues in the country right now moving forward is access to social media platforms. I would love to hear a moderator ask all 10 of these candidates if they think platform access is a civil right. Would any of them say yes? Probably not.


9:15 – Elizabeth Warren said she wants a pathway to citizenship for people who overstay their visas. So…..what’s the point of even having deadlines on visas then? These people never see the logical conclusion of their idiotic plans.


9:14 – Biden and Bernie look like they’ve both gotten significantly older since the campaign started. Poor Joe just gets beaten up by everyone, and it’s great.


9:10 – Biden getting called out for being VP of the “deporter in chief.” Trump is basically just carrying on his policies. They locked people in “cages” and deported them just like 45 has done.


9:06 – “We have a mass shooting today in communities like mine.”  Does Cory Booker really think people believe he lives in the hood or something?


9:01 – “She was shot by an AR-15.” Imagine saying that about any other object? He wasn’t killed by a drunk driver, he was killed by a car.


8:59 – I’m gonna be honest, when we used to do school shooter drills when I was a teacher, I always thought they were a colossal waste of hime. If someone with an AR-15 starts shooting up the school they’re gonna do whatever they want. Best solution is for teachers to just bring guns to school and not tell anyone. Only use them if there’s a school shooter, then no one will care that you broke the law because you’d be a hero.


8:56 – Not a single candidate on the stage tonight would ever have the balls to do mandatory gun buybacks as President. They know that would not end well.


8:53 – Listening to white democrats talk about fighting systemic racism while running for the most powerful position in the world is some Grade A lack of self-awareness


8:52 – “Nobody should be in jail for a non-violent crime.”  – Joe Biden. Wait till he finds out what Paul Manafort is in jail for.


8:51 – I love when they argue about criminal justice reform. They just brag about who’s gonna attack the police, who’s gonna empty the jails, and who’s gonna enforce the laws the least.


8:48 – No Tulsi, but whoever this moderator is just called out Kamala for being a cop again.


8:46 – President Trump has done more for criminal justice reform in American history. This will be overlooked by everyone on the stage.


8:44 – The fact that democrats almost entirely agree that Michael Brown was the victim of a racist cop, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, shows you how delusional these people are. Every single person on the stage right now believed Juisse Smolett too.


8:43 – “We have a white supremacist in the White House.” – Shit you say when you’re polling at 1% like Beto.


8:42 – Beto just coming out with the usual bullshit about “black kids are more likely to get disciplined in school” is such a backdoor shot at teachers, but teacher unions are in the bag for the democratic party so they’re allowed to get away with that.


8:40 – “Young voters say that their number one concern is racism.”  – This is why you shouldn’t be able to vote until you’re 30.


8:37 – I kind of love how Andrew Yang can get away with unlimited Asian jokes. No other candidate would do the same about their own race.


8:35 – Healthcare is such a dreadfully boring topic. Just talk about illegal immigration, because I just couldn’t possibly care less about which government giveaway is better.


8:33 – Live look at Bernie and Sleepy Joe yelling at each other.


8:30 – Kamala Harris – “I’m for Medicare for all.”

Also Kamala Harris – “Yea, but you can buy whatever healthcare you want. Which is the exact opposite of what Medicare for all is.”


8:28 – It’s amazing how these people are all so crazy that they can make Mayor Pete look like the adult in the room.


8:23 – Bernie looks like my gradnfather when I changed the TV during All In The Family. Imagine ever having a President this angry?


8:21 – Whoa, Bernie swore. How edgy.


8:14: 50/50 chance Bernie dies before the end of this debate. Calling it right now. He looks and sounds like absolute shit.


8:10: Andrew Yang is clearly doing the Bill Pulte data mining scheme by offering people $1,000 if they email him and tell him they want $1,000.


8:08: Why is Beto O’Rourke still running for President? He has become by far the most obnoxious person in this race, and that’s hard because Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren are also running. But this douche is doing ANYTHING to get into the race, just saying crazy shit about taking guns and getting Visa to blacklist people. The absolute worse.


8:05: If the democrats were smart they’d bring up the fact that Trump basically banned vaping because Melania caught Barron smoking in the White House. Easily the most unpopular and stupid thing he’s done since getting elected. Haven’t heard a single person defending it.


8:03: They say this debate is the top 10 candidates. Tulsi Gabbard should be on the stage instead of this pandering idiot Julian Castro.



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