Democratic Debates Round 2, Part 1, Live Blog


9:32 – I know I’ve said this a couple times already in this blog, but people like Hickenlooper, Bullock, and Ryan would be a serious threat to President Trump. They know exactly how to appeal to blue collar people in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, and those are the people who will control the election. Bernie and Pocahontas cannot do that. Sadly for the democrats the people who can actually beat Trump have no shot of getting to Trump.


9:30 – It’s pretty clear from the eye rolls from other candidates tonight that they’re all sick of Bernie Sanders act. The jig is up. He is so full of shit and they all know it.


9:29 – Bernie Sanders – “I’m sick of democrats who are afraid of big ideas.” He’s about to blow a gasket because there’s too many adults in the room tonight.


9:27 – Genuinely disappointed that we’re an hour and a half into this and no one has brought up the critical issue of taxpayer funded abortions for transgender illegal immigrants.


9:25 – These people act like climate change is going to kill us all. It’s such nonsense. Not a single person up there actually loses any sleep over climate change.


9:20 – Bernie, just like many others, wants to “cancel” student debt. But the banks will need to be repaid, and the government will write the check for it. “Cancel student debt” means that taxpayers cover the gender studies degrees for Hampshire College graduates. It’s such horse shit.


9:18 – Again, John Delaney says adult stuff about not promising free giveaways. Pocahontas responds by virtue signaling about how people like him shouldn’t run for President. Easily the biggest applause of the night. This is why she’s going to win the nomination.


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9:16 – Elizabeth Warren – “I took on a popular Republican Senator and beat him.” Bragging about winning as a democrat in Massachusetts is the least impressive thing you can possibly brag about.


9:13 – Again, Hickenlooper is an adult. Calls out Bernie for waving his hands around and yelling about free shit. There’s a reason no one has heard of him before, and why he’s polling at less than 1%


9:06 – Halftime report. Winner of the debate so far – Donald Trump.



9:01 – I cannot wait until this one eventually runs for President. It’s gonna be so, so awesome.



9:00 – All this talk about school shootings reminds me, remember when David Hogg was a thing? Good times.


8:54 – Bullock, Delaney, Ryan, and Hickenlooper are by far the most sensible person on the stage tonight. There’s a reason none of them are polling at over 1%. Democrats have no use for people like this.


8:53 – Bernie said that we need to rebuild not only America, but Honduras and Guatemala. We have given Honduras over $300 million in the last two years. Source. What return have we gotten on that investment?


8:51 – Bernie just said that people who came here by walking 1,000 miles are by definition not criminals. That is by far the stupidest thing ever said on television.



8:49 – Pocahontas said she wants to decriminalize illegal border crossings. Her people know a thing or two about people invading their land.


8:44 – Here’s a question Jake Tapper should ask every candidate – would you choose to live in the West Side of Baltimore? If not, why not?


8:43 – Bernie said “damn,” he’s so hard core. What a bad ass.


8:42 – All Bernie Sanders does is yell about how awesome Canada is. If you’re over 25 and you’re still fooled by this conman you are a very, very stupid person.


8:40 – Marianne Williamson is by far the most entertaining presidential candidate in history. I could listen to her read me books or teach me about life virtues all day.


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8:35 – Jake Tapper is killing the game right now. Total MVP. Literally just finding differences between candidates on issues and basically saying, “Hey, Beto was talking mad shit about your plan. Wudup wit dat?”


8:32 – “Mayor Pete, will you raise taxes on the middle class in order to fund Medicare for all?”

“Let me tell you about how awesome my heathcare plan is gonna be.”

These people are so full of shit.


8:30 – Whenever your solution is that the rich are going to pay for everything, it means you don’t have a solution. Rich people are rich because they can hire accountants to find every loophole possible. It’s juvenile and childish to believe that making them pay for everything will solve all our problems.


8:28 – Why is the bald guy from King of the Hill getting so much camera time?


8:26 – Imagine being so stupid and naive that you believed anything that Bernie Sanders says is real? Must be a dreadful existence.


8:24 – Pocahontas is going to be the candidate when it’s all said and done. And that my friends, is a great thing. Picture anyone in middle America listening to this horrible, shrill woman and being energized to vote. Beautiful thing.


8:23 – I’m on record for saying that Mayor Pete was the only adult in this race. First thing he does is echo AOC’s nonsense about the world ending in 12 years. A number that never seems to get smaller despite time passing by. So I was wrong again.


8:21 – Weird to see Beto speaking English at a debate.


8:19 – John Hickenlooper just said that he wasn’t here to offer everyone free shit. So that’s the end of his chances.


8:15 – Debate finally starts. Notice that one douchebag Tim Ryan either forgot to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem, or did it on purpose to try to get woke points. My bet is on the latter.


Tonight begins round 2 of the Democratic debates to see who will face off against Donald Trump in 2020. The Republicans had 20 people at this time in 2015, just like the Democrats do now. But since Republicans believe in a merit based system they put the top 10 highest polling candidates in the varsity debate, and everyone else went in the JV debate. The Democrats generally believe that such a system is classist and unfair, so they pick their candidates for the two debates out of a hat. The problem is that this separates the leading candidates from each other, results in no good debate actually happens, and instead random nobodies like Julian Castro who are polling at 1% get to steal the limelight from the real candidates by picking fights with them.

Tonight’s candidates are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Marianne Williamson, John Delaney, John Hickenlooper, Tim Ryan, and Steve Bullock (who was left out of the last debate but made the jump after Eric Swallwell pulled out). It’s being called the “white debate” because everyone is white (especially Elizabeth Warren). Tomorrow night features Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Jay Inslee, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro, Bill de Blasio, Michael Bennett, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Tulsi Gabbard.

The only real candidates in the debate tonight are Warren, Sanders, and arguably Mayor Pete. Warren is like a more articulate version of Sanders who can say words that don’t end in “revolution”, so expect some jabs there. Mayor Pete is the only real grownup in this race, which means he’ll probably be mature, offer real plans, and drop in the polls afterwards. But any time you have an opportunity to watch Marianne Williamson on live TV you take it. That’s why we’ll be doing a live blog tonight starting at 9 with Uncle Turtleboy’s play by play in lieu of the YouTube show. So keep hitting that refresh button to keep up with the hot takes.



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