“Deplorable Deb” Roasts Turtleboy In Must See Hour Long Facebook Live Video Over Coverage Of Stiletto Dee Charter School Video


The other day I wrote a blog about an East Boston Trump diehard (I use diehard instead of “supporter” because there’s a difference between people who voted for Trump and people who worship him as some sort of infallible deity) who goes by “Stiletto Dee” after she barged into a local charter school during school hours in order to “expose” their Arab history month display. In short, the blog criticized 4 things:

  1. The fact that the building was so easily accessible in an era of school shootings
  2. The fact that she filmed kids while they were walking in the hallways and then posted it on Facebook
  3. The fact that the school has a shrine to one of the most divisive and controversial congresswomen in the country (Rashida Tlaib)
  4. The fact that charter schools get charters to create brainwashing factories like this
  5. The fact that this woman’s tactics and obvious distaste for the celebration of other cultures isn’t the best look for the Republican party

But by far the most fantastic part about that blog was this glorious music video that Stiletto Dee made to show just how Murica she really is:

Let me just say, that I’m not a fan of “look at me” nationalism. And I think draping yourself in the American flag in order to prove that you’re patriotic is something that should be mocked. I thought that video was a parody at first, but upon further inspection it was way, way, way too real.

I stand by it all.

Anyway, I only bring this up because someone started chirping at our de facto Twitter account about it today, demanding an “HUGE” retraction and apology:



Hard pass on that one ma’am. We apologize…..for nothing.

So it turns out this woman’s name is Deb and she runs a Facebook page with over 100,000 followers called “Deplorable Deb Reporting from my Basket.” And today she did an hour long Facebook live show breaking down why this blog upset her so much. I actually listened this whole thing with the Bruins game on mute because it was too entertaining to turn off.

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I’ve never been roasted by a grandma covered in tats who repeatedly says “Wor-chester” in a thick New York accent, but here we are.


  • She’s really mad that I didn’t call Stiletto Dee before writing a blog about her
  • She thinks a friend of Stiletto Dee narced her out to me by sending a viral video that over 50,000 people had already watched from her public Facebook page
  • She’s mad at me for assuming that Stiletto Dee supports charter schools
  • She sees nothing wrong with Stiletto Dee barging into a school during school hours and filming and claims she didn’t film any kids
  • She says Stiletto Dee didn’t film any kids.

First of all, we don’t call people for quote when they put themselves out there like that. Her video spoke for her. She wanted attention by posting it on Facebook and she got it.

Secondly, that’s not how the Internet works Grandma Deplorable. You don’t get dimed out by your friends when you have an open Facebook page and you’re looking for attention.

Thirdly, you are correct in that I assumed she supported charter schools, but only because the republican position on charter schools is almost uniformly that they favor them, largely because doing so is how you stick it to liberal teacher’s unions. However, after watching your video I’m willing to admit that I was wrong, because I’m more convinced than ever that you have no idea what a charter school is, especially since you said that schools should teach cooking and other hands on stuff like that. We have a place for that – they’re called tech schools now.

Fourthly, the fact remains that your girl Stiletto Dee lied in order to gain access to the school. Who is the grandchild who goes to the school? Because she says that she’s a concerned grandparent. She also said, “I just want to film it for someone else who wants to come here.” Who is the person that wants to go to this school and asked Stiletto Dee to barge in and record the Arab history month presentation? And why did Stiletto Dee then post that video to Facebook instead of sending it to the person who was interested in attending the school? Oh right, she made that up because she couldn’t say that she was a local country rock star with permanent Newport Light voice who wanted get outraged about liberal brainwashing in this school.

Fifthly, she definitely filmed kids.

Oh, and Grandma Deplorable also appears to be an anti-vaxxer.


So that’s normal.

Anyway, I would love to have a conversation and/or debate with Deplorable Deb and/or Stiletto Dee. I propose Sunday night we go on YouTube Live and do it. Email me at [email protected] and we will make it happen. Or just send me a telegraph or Western Union your acceptance of this challenge. Whatever’s easier for you.



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