DeVante Degree, Who Murdered Mother Of His Child Emely Nieves, Accuses Innocent Hopkinton Teens Of Murdering Mikayla Miller


Emely Nieves was murdered by Devante Degree, the father of her child, a year ago in Lowell, and Devante’s mother Tina helped clean up the mess instead of calling 911. We wrote about this story over 2 months ago and no other media outlet, including the Lowell Sun, seems to think a murder committed by the son of a prominent BLM activist is newsworthy. I’ll rehash some of the details below, but I’d suggest reading that blog first.

Emely’s story went viral on Tik Tok of all places after one of her friends made this video, which has been viewed 3.4 million times, and brought a renewed interest in the case.


Meanwhile Devante Degree continues to post on Facebook, taunting the victim and her family. His profile picture is her daughter, who Emely was once holding while Devante assaulted her.

That was 13 days before she was murdered.

DeVante is living life as a free man, and ironically is spreading completely false reports about 5 innocent children in Hopkinton, claiming that they participated in 16 year old Mikayla Miller’s murder.

A man who repeatedly beat the mother of his child is defending a woman (Calvina Strothers) who repeatedly abused her child (Mikayla Miller) until her daughter committed suicide. He himself is a murderer, and he has the nerve to call innocent children murderers.

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DeVante posted this a few days ago:

“They kill our Dads.” – Man who killed the mother of his child.

And then there was this:

His mother was arrested a few months ago for beating a woman with a tire iron who was pregnant with his child.

I refuse to let this story die and won’t until DeVante Degree is sitting in jail, facing murder charges like the animal he is. The real problem here is the Medical Examiner, who still has not been named. This particular ME has been problematic before according to sources:

Years ago there was a manslaughter trial for a woman who shot a guy up with a fatal dose of heroin. Multiple witnesses had her putting the needle in his arm and him dying straightaway. But the ME’s office didn’t say for sure that the cause of death was an OD and the case was immediately dismissed as soon as the prosecution rested.

In the case of Emely Nieves the death certificate clearly says she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

There are text messages and videos from Emely in which she documents the years of abuse she endured while living with Tina and DeVante Degree.

Dante himself admitted to the abuse in text messages to Emely.

Tina Degree posted a Facebook Live video in which she admitted to finding Emely’s dead body on the morning of May 26, 2020, and then calling Devante, her other son, and her “spiritual mother,” rather than 911. She waited until her other son got to the house before she called for help, wasting critical minutes while she was unaware if Emely was still alive.

“Every relationship has their problems.”

I’m the one who found her. Her lips are blue. I called my son Devonte and he didn’t pick up his phone. I call my spiritual mother and I told her to start praying because Emily wasn’t breathing. So then I called my other son and told him I need him at my house now. So he got here and then I called 911. I got receipts for calling everyone. And when my son got here I was giving her CPR.

So why didn’t the ME rule it a homicide, knowing that she died from blunt force trauma to the head? Are we really to believe that Emely Nieves died from falling out of bed? My 6 year old regularly survives that ordeal somehow, but Emely Nieves could not? According to sources the unnamed medical examiner is lazy and corrupt.

Dante beat her so often and so bad she had evidence of old injuries to her brain during the autopsy. Even though all this was known to the medical examiner, the ME didn’t have the guts to affirm that she was beaten to death on the night of her death. He said there was a possibility she fell while drunk and that caused the blunt force trauma that killed her. Bullshit. Poor girl suffered so much abuse. 

Emely always refused to cooperate in the past because she was so afraid of her boyfriend. Don’t forget, she was aware that Tina came after another of her son’s girlfriends with a tire iron. 

So with this case the poor girl was left alone In a bedroom. The only people in the apartment at the time was Tina, her son, and this girl. Tina is claiming that she came into the bedroom and found the victim on the floor unresponsive. The only people that really know what happened are Tina and her son. Without a medical examiner to declare that it was a homicide by blunt force trauma that night, there’s nothing to go on. Mother and son will tell the same story and they’re the only witnesses. 

This story is so infuriating in light of the Mikayla Miller sham. Millions of people have demanded a murder investigation for Mikayla Miller, in spite of the fact that the cause of death was ruled a suicide. Yet not one of these BLM activists is demanding the same for Emely Nieves, when she was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. They’re both in Middlesex County. The fact of the matter is that BLM protects their own, and in this case that means the murderer and his mother. DeVante Degree’s life matters far more to Monica Cannon-Grant than Emely Nieves’. Perhaps if she was killed by a white cop they might give a shit.

Just know this – I won’t rest until DeVante Degree is charged for her murder. I have submitted a public records request to demand to know the name of the medical examiner. Once I find out I will be contacting them directly. If he doesn’t get back to me I will find out where he lives and protest outside of his house every single day. I will form mobs to call and harass the District Attorney’s Office until justice prevails. This is one of the greatest injustices I’ve ever written about, and I’m furious about it. Stay tuned.


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