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Did Rachael Rollins Include Former Trooper Leigha Genduso’s Name On List Of 136 Problematic Cops Because She Protested Monica Cannon-Grant Alongside TB?


Last week Suffolk County District Attorney decided to randomly publish a list of 136 former and current police officers in Massachusetts whose “past conduct means their evidence could be questionable.”

There’s really only one reason to put out a list like this – to sow distrust in the police. The only people who have any interest in even looking at a list like this are people like failed software porn actress/Brian Riccio roommate/white nationalist/Antifa/racist trust fund babies like Lauren Pespsisa, who hate the police because they were arrested for selling meth and got sent to jail.

The timing was certainly interesting, in that Rollins chose to release this list the day after the Breonna Taylor non-indictment was announced. Almost as if democrats enjoy throwing fuel on already blazing fires.

However, many on that list are no longer police officers, can’t bring forth evidence in court, and thus do not give the public any reason to distrust law enforcement. One of the people listed is former State Trooper Leigha Genduso, who basically took the fall for a corrupt system that hired her despite knowing full well that they had previously investigated her before she turned state’s witness against her ex-boyfriend pot dealer. The Boston Herald chose to highlight her in their story.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins has put out a list of 136 police officers whose past conduct she says means their evidence could be questionable, including 54 current or former Boston cops — and a wide range of people connected to various State Police scandals, like former State Police Col. Richard McKeon Jr., Leigha Genduso and a raft of staties from the crooked old Troop E.

The timing is certainly interesting there too, considering Leigha and her dog were basically our Antifa repellant while peacefully protesting Monica Cannon-Grant’s racism at Boston Police Headquarters last week.

I’m sure this picture didn’t do her any favors.

If you fell asleep for a year and haven’t kept up with TB I’m sure that image can be a little confusing since we first reported on her story almost 3 years ago. The two of us had an intervention 6 months ago on YouTube, and I explained then that my primary beef with that story wasn’t necessarily her, but the organization tied to several other scandals (MSP) that played dumb and took no responsibility for hiring her in the first place.

Monica Cannon-Grant recognized Leigha at the protest as well.

No, you troglodyte, we were there to protect a black woman’s honor – Rayla Campbell – after she was threatened for “riding white penis for a credit score” by you. Say what you want about Leigha but the harm that MCG causes her community on a daily basis could never compare to anything any pot dealer has ever done.

Leigha showed me a lot that day, which is exactly why in my opinion they chose to put her on this list. They could’ve put any of the Boston cops who were recently exposed in an overtime scandal, since that’s actually recent and they still have their jobs. But instead they brought up someone who hasn’t been a trooper in years, and for what?  If the goal is to expose the public to problematic cops who have abused the public’s trust then there’s no reason to include people who aren’t cops anymore. This is nothing more than a hit job and a warning to anyone who wants to associate with Turtleboy.


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