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Did Rian Waters Make Up A Mental Health Counselor Who Diagnosed Him With A Disorder In Order To Sue Me And Force Court To Seize My Bank Accounts?


Today the Sheriff’s Office showed up at my house to serve me with what appears to be another lawsuit from Rian Waters. If you don’t know who Rian Waters is I don’t have time to catch you up so just start reading here. In short he was blogged about in 2017 for assaulting his girlfriend and killing their dog, he sued me and her for it, we won, he appealed, he tried and failed 3 times to file criminal complaints against me in Springfield court, he filed a lawsuit in federal court against me, Facebook, Google, the State Police, and others because he said I caused him adjustment disorder which caused him to no longer be able to eat mandarin oranges, it was thrown out, and he will never go away.

I hate even giving him attention, but I had to talk about what I received today because it occupied a good amount of my time and prevented me from working on other stories. After Rian lost to me in court in June of 2019 he appealed his decision. It got delayed because of COVID and ultimately a state appeals court stood by most of the decision in my favor, but overruled one aspect of it:

In my book I said that the woman Rian Waters beat up alleged that he had sent himself drugs from California to Massachusetts via USPS. Kate Peter wrote about it in a blog on January 4, 2019 when she interviewed his victim.

According to the appeals court it can still be defamatory when you use words like “allegedly” and “according to,” even if you’re quoting sources. This of course is ridiculous if true, since it would prevent any media outlet from ever quoting a source making an allegation against another person. The court didn’t say that I was lying, it just gave him a chance to start over. We will file a motion to dismiss once again, and it will be a pain in the ass, but we will hopefully prevail. It doesn’t matter though because he’ll never go away. Our justice system is built to cater to unemployed domestic abusers like him.

The notice today alerted me that I have court with Rian again on this matter in Hampden County Superior County on Tuesday at 2 PM.

Zoom meeting ID: 161 0474 2055, passcode: 780264 for anyone who wants to watch.

He filed a motion for the courts to seize my bank accounts and take $20K out of them because he says he is likely to win in court against me this time, and I do not have a LLC or insurance, and thus he won’t get the money from me.


He claims to know about a meeting I had with my attorney in which we plotted to hide the money from Rian.


He will make at least $20K in judgement, even though I did not defame him and he has no damages, because I hurt his reputation and humiliated him by exposing him for being a domestic abusing dog murderer who can’t stop losing to me in court.


His proof that his reputation is damages is because Ted Cruz and Sean Spicer read my best selling book.

He claimed that most of his problems began occurring after he purchased and read my book, which was not available until December of 2018.


He has 3 exhibits. My defunct LLC which was dissolved last year so that people like Rian Waters would stop filing frivolous lawsuits that forced me to hire attorneys who got buried in paperwork.



Proof of purchase of a mask from the Turtleboy store, which shows that I have a bank account.

But in order to prove that I caused him harm he needs a note from a doctor saying that my lies caused him to have a psychological disorder. He attempted to provide that with Exhibit C, by adding a letter from what he claims to be a counselor at BHN Inc named Rebecca Kaiserman.



Except there’s just a few problems with this letter:

  • It’s not on BHN letter head
  • It’s not dated
  • It says that he was already diagnosed with adjustment disorder when she began seeing him for psychotherapy in October of 2018
  • The book which allegedly caused him to have adjustment disorder was not published until December of 2018
  • The court case that was causing him to have a stressor was a case that he chose to file multiple times
  • Rian never received any death threats
  • Rian can’t get a job because he’s too lazy to apply for one

I called the number for Rebecca Kaiserman that was listed on the exhibit but the extension was not valid, since they only have 5 digit extensions. The email address came back rejected. I called BHN and spoke to half a dozen people who worked there who searched the system and told me that nobody by the name of Rebecca Kaiserman ever worked there or interned. So I searched her name on Google and found this:


She appears to be a therapist, counselor, or doctor. Except I later found out that anyone can create a profile on or any of those websites. I made one myself.

Rian easily could’ve made this person up, knowing that he needed a clinician to diagnose him with a disorder in order to successfully sue me, and then created a digital footprint to make her look real.

Rebecca does have a NPI number 1124593215, but I later found out how easy those were to make as well.


Rian does not have a job so there’s no way he pays for health insurance, but “Rebecca Kaiserman” doesn’t take Medicare.

Her NPI was created on October 4, 2018, the exact time she allegedly began seeing Rian Waters.

So I’m not exactly sure what is happening here, but it appears as if Rian Waters might have written a fraudulent document pretending to be a counselor for BHN Inc in Springfield, in which he lied about having adjustment disorder as a result of suing me, in order to defraud a court into seizing my bank accounts and taking $20K from me. I don’t know if that’s illegal, but it should be.

As pathetic as he is this useless person got a significant amount of my time today, and will again on Tuesday. I will continue to have to pay legal fees to fight his ridiculous lawsuits. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. If you’d like to donate to the legal fund so that I can continue writing blogs while dealing with people like this, please feel free to click here. This is unfortunately the price you have to pay for exposing the worst society has to offer. At this point he’s causing me mental and emotional distress, and I’d like to do whatever I can legally to make him go away. If you’re an attorney who would like to help me out or can offer me advice feel free to email me at [email protected]



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