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Dighton Selectman Says He Received Homophobic Email, FOIA Request Shows No Such Email Sent On That Date


This is “Dr” Brett Zografos, the chairman of the Dighton Board of Selectmen.

On January 12 he posted a homophobic email he claimed to have received at his Town of Dighton email address, on Instagram.

As you can see he used this email not only to victimize himself, but as a reason to use his office to request that the Town fly a gay pride flag on public property. However, the screenshot does not show where the email came from or who it was sent to.

Shortly after seeing this I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Town of Dighton for all emails to and from Brett Zografos in the month of January. Here is every single email that he received or sent on January 12.

As you can see this email did not come up on a search performed by the Town of Dighton for emails received on January 12, despite the fact that it was used to push a political agenda. However, I contacted Mr. Zografos who forwarded me an email he claims to have received on January 12 from a Cleveland street preacher named Isaac Foo, which was randomly sent to dozens of town elected officials from Massachusetts.

But this email should have come up in the FOIA request since they sent all email communications to and from his town email address. Regardless, the email was not directed towards him or the Town of Dighton in general, and at worst it was sent by a deranged street preacher from Cleveland with a gmail account. Yet he played the victim anyway.

It should be noted that this same man two years ago called the police on a School Committee member over an offhand remark he made during a televised School Committee meeting.

What actually happened was that Zografos accused a School Committee member (who is also a bus driver) of sleeping at meetings. The member sarcastically said, “don’t get in front of me or I might run you over” in reference to falling asleep behind the wheel, and he turned this into World War 3 by suggesting it was some sort of death threat directed at him for being gay.

Zografos: “I’ve done a lot more than you have, I’m awake.”

School Committee Dude: “So am I.”

Zografos: “Oh yea? You better be because you gotta drive home now.”

School Committee Dude: “Don’t get in front of me or I might run you over.”

Zografos: “Oh, how nice. You have a member of the School Committee now making threats. This man is unhinged.”

So theatrics seem to be his expertise.

When I contacted Mr. Zografos to ask why the email was not included in the FOIA request, as is required by law, he simply said that “it was.” Here is the entire PDF of all emails sent to him from January 8 to January 12.


You be the judge.


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