Direnzo Towing Charges Family Of Deceased Competitor $16,342 To Get Vehicle Back After He Was Killed By Drunk Driver Evading Police On Route 20


Michael Robidoux, the well respected owner of Central Mass Towing, was killed in June after a drunk driver without a license crossed double yellow lines on Route 20 in Auburn while trying to flee a police stop. The killer had taken shots of Hennessy and should’ve been locked up from a plethora of previous charges, but was kept out of jail by a series of lenient, activist judges.

Robidoux was a well liked, and well respected business owner. However, tows in Auburn all go to one of their competitors, Direnzo Towing out of Millbury, so they got the call to have Mr. Robidoux’s car towed. Now Direnzo is charging Central Mass Towing $16,342 to get their deceased father’s car back.

This model of health and fitness is John Direnzo Jr, the owner of Direnzo Towing.

While I understand that he’s running a business, Direnzo is one of the most profitable towing companies in the area, thanks in large part to an unregulated towing industry and Direnzo’s political connections with elected officials and the police. Far be it for me to suggest that he should just wave the absurd storage fee, since it’s not my business and I have no right to make such demands. But their competitor is dead, and they’re basically holding his car hostage, which they only want back for sentimental reasons. There’s business, and then there’s being a douchebag. This is the latter.

Just to review:

  • After Michael Robidoux was killed Direnzo Towing towed the car because Direnzo has used its political connections to create a virtual monopoly on the towing racket in Worcester County after Pat’s Towing went full mafioso
  • The Robidoux family was unable to get the car back because the police told them it was under investigation
  • Direnzo Towing charged them $150 a day for storage, racking up a bill of over $14K just in storage fees, even though the Robidoux family didn’t have the option of getting the car out earlier
  • The police allegedly told the Robidoux family that it’s not a big deal because insurance would cover it, which sounds a lot like state sanctioned insurance fraud to me

The OP is correct about Direnzo’s political connections, as he’s been on our radar for quite sometime. We just haven’t had quite enough to work with until now.

In May Fox 25 News did a story on this that briefly outlined the relationship between Direnzo Towing and State Police Captain Robert Johnson out of the Holden Barracks. The same barracks where two state troopers were ordered to cover up the arrest report of Judge Tim Bibaud’s daughter Alli Bibaud in 2017. If you’ll recall, Captain Johnson was involved in the coverup but somehow skated free, probably because people above him on the food chain fell on the sword for him.

Documents released to the Boston Herald showed Capt. Robert Johnson sent a text message to Major Susan Anderson 36 minutes after the initial report of a car crash. Trooper Ryan Sceviour, one of Kesten’s two clients, found a “groggy” Alli Bibaud. Johnson’s text to Anderson noted that Alli Bibaud is the daughter of Judge Timothy Bibaud.

When a car needs a tow on a highway in Central Mass there’s no competitive bidding process for which company gets the call. It’s completely left up to the discretion of the trooper, or his or her bosses. Coincidentally Captain Johnson, who oversees the Holden barracks, just so happens to be good friends with John Direnzo.

And here’s Captain Johnson on a vacation with Direnzo’s father.

Here’s Direnzo Jr. and Johnson eating out at dinner with Public Safety Secretary Tom Turco at what appears to (I will correct this if I’m wrong) the 111 Chophouse in Worcester (or possibly Via), where Eastern Mass rejects go to rub elbows and spend a lot of money on steak, while convincing themselves that they’re not Central Mass townies.

That picture was taken immediately after a fundraiser that the Statewide Towing Association held for Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito. Direnzo just so happens to be the vice president of the STA, and Direnzo is the most used tow company by far out of the Holden barracks by the MSP. It’s the second most used company out of the Millbury barracks.

What a coincidence.

Here’s the really wild part of the story though – Direnzo used to live with his ex-girlfriend…..

…… Leigha Genduso. Our sources tell us that they were an item back when she was just your run of the mill pot dealer. After she ratted out her boyfriend Sean Bucci and sent him to jail for 10 years she magically got a job with the state police, who we now know that Direnzo has connections with, and not a single person involved in her hiring has faced any sort of discipline. To this day she is the only person who has lost her job, despite the State Police themselves investigating her and using her as a witness for the federal government in their case against Bucci.

As usual, this all comes from Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, a woman who Genduso happens to be friends with (even though Polito denies knowing who she is).

Baker covered for the MSP as long as he could despite a plethora of scandals that we reported first. He’s bought and paid for by Direnzo’s agency, which is why he allows this corrupt towing system to carry on without any sort of regulation, while small towing companies like Central Mass Towing continue to suffer.

While I was writing this blog I got a call from a friend who Direnzo reached out to, and Direnzo had asked him if we could hold off on this story because he says he plans on making this right with the Robidoux family on Tuesday. He claims that he had no knowledge of this bill.

Sorry John, that’s not how this works. You’re the captain of the ship, and ultimately you are responsible for the actions of your employees.


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    1. Do you really think his towing company would let a car go free after an accident? Bull I have never heard of one towing company doing that. So what was done to him and his family is exactly what he had done to other people and thier families.

    2. Well respected business owner is a stretch, still sucks this is happening. Keep digging down the Tom Turco rabbit hole and you will find plenty of corrupt shit. Nothing like a little nepotism on the police force.

    3. Yesssss they should give free tows for everyone that passes away and their family like they dont have bills and family of their own

    4. The state police are the ones that have to release the vehicle not the towing company and the storage fee which makes up most of the bill is set forth by the state.

  2. I see a conflict of interest here, but of course nobody else will. Carry on crooked cops and continue taking pay-offs.

  3. What kind of right wing activist would use the death of a man he calls well respected, to make political statements? This is an attack on liberals and he largely glossed over direnzo towing’ actions. Only mentions them in the click bait headline.

  4. if anyone interested to know that also John Direnzo current GF had her vehicle totaled for her so she could get out of it this was about a year and half ago…. can you say insurance fraud and most of the office people know this not too mention she paid an employee a cple hundred dollars to do it.

  5. Yes but if we the people had to pick up the vehicle of a deceased relative would Central Mass Towing care? Why should they get special privileges because they are one of the boys in the industry? I can’t stand dishonest Direnzo’s towing but I’m happy that another towing got a taste of their own medicine and gets to experience the high and callous towing fee’s we the people experience everyday. Central Mass better pay the 16k fast or the next stop is vehicle auction!

  6. John Direnzo is actually a really good dude but I guess the story and getting people fired up is more important. John Direnzo plans on fixing this with the family and had no idea about the bill. WIth a business, bills are automatically tallied by a computer. Oh, and the vehicle is totalled anyway, otherwise insurance would handle everything. Don’t blindly follow a story because it fires you up. That’s what the libs do and these people are better than that.

  7. This is how the whole system is messed ..and the axe is slowly coming down because the people are fed up with the elite getting away with sht ..so for a few hundred bucks loss you decided to screw over the family of the deceased..and now you look like an ahole all over social media…

  8. This is gold by the way.

    “the 111 Chophouse in Worcester (or possibly Via), where Eastern Mass rejects go to rub elbows and spend a lot of money on steak, while convincing themselves that they’re not Central Mass townies.”

  9. To this trucker, if rolls were reversed and it was you I guess you wouldn’t mind someone charging your kids and wife, thousands of dollars. REALLY. This is Soo bad, mean, no respect, and I do believe in KARMA. AND I SEE YOUR SMILING ABOUT IT. SOO INFURIATED.

  10. They said it was a misunderstanding and that’s is a bunch of BS as a ex- employee I can guarantee it wasn’t a misunderstanding as John Direnzo claims. When it come to certain tows this one included the Operation Manager handles those charger. That place has no heart they don’t care about their customers or their employees. Mr. Direnzo cares about 1 thing and that’s money nothing else

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    Searches related to can a tow company charge a family of the death of a parent
    can you sue a towing company for damages

    We use to have a towing company in Douglas and we never charged if we knew someone had died. Common sense. I look at that bill and I never saw so many charges. He said he paid for an officer, we never had to pay an officer they automatically stayed till we were hooked up and leaving. That is terrible. You can sue or call DCA Bureau of Security @1-800-952-5210 and you can call the Better Business Bureau. Good Luck My sympathy to you and your family.

  12. The invoice is made out to Auburn Police department, not a family. And it’s billed as a “police tow”, which I assume is different procedure when you are trying to protect evidence.

    1. You sir are a complete piece of shit you should be giving that family back the car absolutely free karma is a mother fucker. I’m not one to wish bad upon anyone but that could have easily been you that was killed that night in that accident shame on you shame on you! How do you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror you pathetic human being

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