Dirt Biker Who Shot 77 Year Old Driver In Traffic On Route 20 In Worcester Identified As 31 Year Old Nicholas Perez, Well Known Heroin Dealer


This is Nicholas Perez, the dirt biker Worcester Police are looking for in the shooting of a 77 year old man in traffic on Route 20 yesterday.

The picture doesn’t come in very well, but it’s a 2018 mugshot of Perez, a 31 year old Worcester gang banger, who was arrested that year for carrying a stun gun and heroin while trying to avoid the police in a car driven by a 19 year old woman from Shrewsbury.

If you’re a 31 year old dude riding dirt bikes around Worcester you are not a gangsta, you’re a LOSER. I can understand if this was some punk 18 year old, but we’re talking about a grown man here. A grown man who got tossed around by a 77 year old after he f***ed around and found out that this old man was not the one to be trifled with. And because he’s so weak and fragile Nicholas Perez couldn’t overcome the old man’s strength so he shot him.

This is Anthony Franchese, the man who got shot.


People like him are less safe in Worcester thanks to City Councillors like Sarai Rivera who coddle these “bike life” goons, and judges who keep them on the streets.

According to WPD Nicholas Perez should be considered armed and dangerous and has been involved in other shootings. His last known addresses are 510 Plantation St #508, and 40 Country Club Blvd #2, so you’re subsidizing this perpetually unemployed loser’s housing. He is known to frequent Great Brook Valley, because, of course he is, and there is a warrant out for his arrest. If you see him, call Worcester Police. The old man almost lost his leg last night at the hospital, but were it not for the great nurses who are NOT on strike right now, things might’ve had a different outcome.


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