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Disabled Woman With Cancer Unable To Find Handicapped Spot At Chicopee Big Y Thanks To Person Who Illegally Parked And Accused Her Of Not Looking Handicapped


A disabled woman in Chicopee named Kristina Closser went to the Big Y on Memorial Drive yesterday and was driving around for 10 minutes looking for a handicapped spot. When she finally saw someone pull out of a handicapped spot she quickly pulled into it. When she parked she noticed that the car in the handicapped spot front of her didn’t have a placard. So she waited for them to come out and confronted them. The person who was driving the car allegedly told her that they had just gone in to buy groceries, as if that was OK. They then told her that she didn’t look handicapped, despite the fact that she has lung cancer, and previously had cancer in her leg and back.

The car is registered to a man named Daniel Filinowich, and he probably does not look like you imagined he would.


In fairness, she never said the gender of the person who illegally took a handicapped spot from a handicapped person, so it could’ve been his wife Corine. They have matching fish.

It doesn’t matter how old you are – fish selfies are the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats of rural ratchets everywhere.

These two are serious boomers who haven’t figured out that you can message privately on Facebook, or just talk to each other in the house that you live in together.

It’s amazing how many people think it’s OK to park in handicapped spots as long as they’re in and out. I don’t consider myself particularly virtuous, but when I see empty HC spots I’m not even remotely tempted to park in them. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be one of the people who sees an empty HC spot as an invitation.

Being old like Dan Filinowich doesn’t entitle you to park in handicapped spots either. No matter what Rose here says.

Shut up Rose.



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