Disciplinary Report Shows Prisoner Who Beat Shirley CO With Gym Equipment Previously Vowed To Stab Any Officer Because He Has Nothing To Lose

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (1:14:00)  There is also an update to this story.

The other day we published a blog about the horrific attack on corrections officer Matt Tidman by a prisoner named Roy Lindsey Booth. The convicted murderer is serving a life sentence and beat Tidman with gym equipment, leaving the veteran officer in critical condition and fighting for his life.

Booth was previously a prisoner in Virginia, but due to a series of assaults on CO’s down there he was shipped to Massachusetts, because apparently we are importing dangerous murderers that other states can no longer handle.

While at Souza-Baranowski prison Booth continued to assault guards and vowed he wouldn’t stop. Last year he was written up in a disciplinary report for telling an officer that he has “no problem stabbing any officer because he has ‘nothing to lose’.”


He made it clear to them – if you give me any sort of freedom or privileges I will stab a corrections officer. He said he would do so because he had nothing to lose, since he was serving a life sentence. Yet Superintendent John Dean reportedly allowed him to have gym access anyway, according to CO’s we spoke with. A petition has been created calling for his resignation.

What happened to Officer Tidman was a result of weak on crime policies that have now infiltrated our jails. Inmates are sent to prison to repay a debt to society. We owe them NOTHING! It doesn’t matter if they’re having fun or enjoying their time in prison. No one should enjoy being in jail. It’s the whole point of incarceration. Roy Booth owes society his life because he took a life, and his debt will never be settled until he dies. You can’t rehabilitate someone like him, and no one should waste an ounce of their time making sure he’s enjoying his life as he rots away. The state has an obligation to keep him alive and away from civilized society until he dies. Nothing more. If you want privileges then stay out of jail in the first place. It’s really not that hard.



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