Disgraced Former State Trooper Leigha Genduso Wrote A Book Detailing All The Guys She Banged, Abortions, More Coverups, Troopers Not Being Friends With Her And So Much More

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In February of 2018 Uncle Turtleboy broke a pretty big story about a Massachusetts State Trooper who works in the K9 Unit, named Leigha Genduso, who somehow managed to pass their rigorous background checks despite previously admitting to the police that she was a marijuana trafficker, tax evader, and perjurer. She had tons of connections, including being the former girlfriend of Lt. Colonel Dan Risteen, and a current friend of former Colonel Marian McGovern, as well as Lt. Governor Karyn Polito.

It was kind of a big story and showed how insanely corrupt the MSP were, especially since she was working on cases that specifically involved drugs, and everything she touched was now compromised. If they were letting people like her on, then who else was policing us?

Anyway, we were pretty relentless in our coverage and she ended up resigning in August. But luckily, now that she’s run out of fucks to give, she decided to write a free book that anyone can read on PDF, instead of selling it on Amazon which I definitely would’ve paid for. Who wouldn’t? This might be the dumbest thing she’s ever done. Even OJ Simpson is shaking his head in disappointment.

Here’s the best part – she made a video to announce that she self-published. She did so because a publishing company wouldn’t take on that type of legal liability by naming names. She did this so that,

“All the people that I can tell to go fuck off, unedited, unpublished, so now they know what pieces of shit they are.”

Love it.

Here’s the thing – none of his can figure out how to embed the book into this blog. If you’re familiar with WordPress and can guide us through that feel free to reach out. In the meantime I’ll give you some of the highlights in my first ever Turtleboy Book Review.

I’m not gonna hate on spelling and grammar because I work for Turtleboy Sports, and we invented spelling and grammatical errors, but if she spelt “lose” as “loose” one more time, I was going blow my head off. The book starts off whining about her  childhood, her Mom, and how she got knocked up at the age of 16, went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, and had to go to a judge in order for them to do it without telling her parents. While getting the abortion there was another woman getting an abortion and talking about Titanic. This made Leigha mad because despite the fact that she was also getting an abortion and referred to the baby as her “son,” because she was taking her abortion seriously. She told the other woman, “Do you know you just took a life.”

You can’t make this stuff up. She lectured a woman about getting an abortion while getting an abortion. She sees something morally wrong with it and refers to it as taking a life, but did it anyway because she “never wanted to procreate.” Makes sense.

She worked as a bartender when she turned 18 and saw a black state trooper who was drinking and partying with people doing drugs while he had his gun on him.

This is where she met Sean Bucci, who already was selling pot and let her move in with him. She got new clients for him in the Worcester area, delivered packages in wrapping paper to him, and eventually ratted on Bucci to save her own ass from going to prison.

She claims she wanted to leave Bucci he was abusive, and that when another guy (also named Sean) attempted to sexually assault her Bucci accused her of sleeping with him.

Then she details stuff she already admitted under oath at Bucci’s trial in 2007 about the house getting raided and her hiding all the cash, and refers to Turtleboy as a “scumbag blogger who claims to be a news reporter that has more skeletons in his closet than I do.”

Hey Leigha, chick here. I exist, I swear. This is not a blog run by a lone man, nor would I work for someone with such skeletons in his closet. But I guess if you’re being crapped on by a disgraced drug dealing trooper then you’re doing something right.

She shits on other cops a lot in her burn book (cops who unlike her are still employed as cops), including the Salem Police for allegedly not doing their job when her car was stolen by junkies.

She talks about meeting with US Attorney Peter Leavitt. Remember, Leavitt promised her immunity in 2005 if she testified against Bucci. She then perjured herself instead, but was somehow given a second chance to tell the truth by Leavitt instead of being charged. She gave Leavitt everything she could possibly give that would put Bucci in prison, and coincidentally she got a job as a MSP dispatcher the next year. Leavitt has refused to comment on this, and wasn’t interviewed about it by the State Police. I’m not saying he was porking her, but if you read her book you’ll see that she has a tendency to get plowed by anyone with an aroma of power.

She also refers to Turtleboy as “White trash troll’s sports page AKA sports blog.”

After Bucci she married a corrections officer named Jay, but she wanted to be a dispatcher (despite her past) and asked herself “What do I have to loose?” (bangs head on desk)

Since her marriage vows obviously meant nothing to her, and she might be one of the most self-centered twats I’ve ever encountered, she left her husband because she didn’t want to get pregnant, and cheated on him with a state trooper (of course).

“I didn’t really want to end up in a divorce bar with two kids I didn’t really want to have, but got pregnant because he wanted them, older and miserable.”

“My freedom superseded any materialistic thing by far.”

Honey, leaving your man for another man who makes more money than your man, and doing so because you’re selfish, makes you materialistic.

Then of course she started banging another cop she met via a friend in MSP dispatch, and she wanted to let everyone know that he gave her a plowing to remember.

“I met a local cop who was a roommate of one of my best friends in dispatch. We hit it off almost instantly, the sex was amazing.”

She wasn’t just content with destroying her own marriage though, she wanted to destroy other’s too, which is why she slept with a married man. But it’s cool because, “The amount of affairs in law enforcement would make you never believe monogamy is a thing. I was in love with a married man (former coworker) for over a year.”

Eventually she started dating Dan “Danny” Risteen, who at the time was a Major, and only met her at dispatch because he was being disciplined and got stuck there. They started banging and she tells the story about the time Danny covered for another troop who hit someone while drunk

She ends up moving in with Risteen (of course) who was going through a divorce. His ex-wife hated her, and understandably his teenage daughters were cold to her. He told her he’d toss a couple crotch fruits her way since she didn’t have any, “….however, I was never one to reproduce.”

At least she made one smart decision.

Of course we speculated that Risteen had to have known that a state trooper who he lived with was a drug dealer at one point in time. She confirms that he likely did.

“Danny knew some of my past but not all of it,” and that her new job is that of a “glorified babyitter”

The most remarkable part about the story on her is how she became a trooper. That’s what everyone wants to know. But Lt. Jody Dotolo, who was in charge of doing her background search, and who emails show was personal friends with Genduso, was not mentioned in the book.

Nor was former Colonel Marian McGovern, who was really tight with her, and could’ve gotten her in easily by making a phone call (maybe they were, I missed it if so). She talks about the background check she received in 2013 and didn’t mention how she got the job at all.

Like she earned her way in.

This was a good line, “Despite the reality of Danny not getting me any breaks.”

Does she really believe that her Lt. Colonel boyfriend didn’t help her out at all? The same guy who she previously admitted covered up for a drunk trooper who hit someone while white girl wasted?

A lot of troopers couldn’t stand her because she got a plum job on the K9 unit in Andover, and was given plate readers that most other troopers did not. Yet she insists that this tool, which is designed to make the jobs of a trooper easier, didn’t in fact make her job easier.

Sure thing hun.

Things pick up when she talks about February 19, 2018. According to her she found out about the blog about her through a friend who asked “why does he hate you so much,” and she immediately contemplated suicide. “My life is officially destroyed and I knew what I had to do”

Then she got drunk and made plans to go through with it, AKA bought some Jameson and dropped her dog off at the kennel.

The cops came to her house right before she was about to do it though.

At this point she was drunk and the troopers scouring her house, found one gun in the couch, and couldn’t find a missing gun she was supposed to have.

Leigha blew it when she said she “just wanted to blow my brains out.”

Then Danielle from the Hillman show on WAAF showed up and asked her where the gun was.

Leigha got drunk girl angry and punched a wall where a stud was, fracturing her hand.

The doctors wouldn’t fix her broken hand because she was so wasted.

While in the loony bin she was visited surprisingly by Risteen’s ex-wife, who hated her.

She whined that the “White trash blogger” found out she was in the loony bin.

Despite Danielle’s best efforts the trooper she was having an affair with wouldn’t return calls or visit her.

It’s almost as if he was married.

When she was released she kept reading Turtleboy though, claiming she drank wine on the floor all day and was “obsessed with reading the a-holes blog to see what else he would fabricate about me.”


Then Howie Carr started crapping on her too and she said she “would read each and every comment in the comments section”

So there you got Turtleboy commenters. Leigha Genduso read everything you wrote about her. Congrats. Sadly for her Barstool didn’t write about her, because there would be no comments to read there.

With her $150K salary and no kids she was living large, and had $2,375 mortgage and $575 car payment every month.

She couldn’t believe that all these troopers who were NOT formerly drug dealers like her, and who had gotten their jobs by obeying the law and NOT sleeping with Dan Risteen, were not reaching out to her. She was really disappointed in them. A female trooper, who along with her toddler was abused, and who Leigha helped via an intervention, did not reach out. Neither did her guy friends in the MSP, one of who told her that he wanted to wait until things died down.

The mere fact that she can’t understand why state troopers would want to distance themselves from her after this is remarkable. Newsflash hun – you were never really a cop. You were just playing one.

For the most part she doesn’t call these people out by name. Except for Jenn Penton, who was a former Boston cop and appeared in the show Boston’s Finest. Genduso says she took her crying phone calls during the academy, because like Leigha she took more shit than other people from drill sergeants. When she tried reaching out to Jenn with a long message, telling her she’d always have her back and how disappointed she was that she hadn’t heard from her, and all she got was a thumbs up emoji.

Which made me wet myself.

Luckily she did make friends with another trooper who got suspended for a DUI.

Birds of a feather.

She started ripping butts and her union lawyer wouldn’t return her phone calls so she got her own lawyer.

The new lawyer urged her to contact Shelley Murphy and Andrea Estes at the Boston Globe. She knew this would piss off Kerry Gilpin and the brass but she did it anyway because she had no fucks left to give. They did a story on her and nothing changed.

In the mean time she got jobs working with K9’s and bartending in Danvers. But she lost the job working with K9’s after the boss’ ex-girlfriend came back into the picture and he gave the job to her. “Her vagina must emanate rainbows and unicorns.”

Rainbows don’t sound bad, but unicorns coming out of vaginas sounds painful. Just sayin.

She realized that at the bar in Danvers she worked with a woman “who had more mileage than a 1995 Honda Accord” who was friends with ex-bf Sean Bucci, who she ratted on in 2007 and sent to prison for over 10 years. She also noticed a fat dude taking pictures of her that ended up on “white trash blogger” website. Howie Carr kept calling the bar and asking if Genduso could sell him pot (lol Howie), and Bucci’s friends started calling the bar to see if she was working that night.

When Bucci’s friends showed up they yelled, “Go fuck yourself you rat piece of shit trooper” at her.

But she’s a tough guy and kicked them out of the bar, leading to a fight in which the boss got punched, Howie Carr took credit for it, she felt bad and quit, then got another job at Mile Marker 1 in Gloucester, one of the restaurants that Greg Bates went after on North Shore Eats.

Despite all of this she still thought she’d be getting her job as a trooper.

Because she’s delusional.

She also hates union president Dana Pullman, who she accused of only talking about himself and the Bibaud case. She also says that Pullman told her that he would help her but that Danny Risteen made calls during the academy to “leave my girlfriend alone.” She doesn’t believe him and thinks it was a trick to get her to flip on Risteen in “law suites.”

She really thinks she did it all on her own. Amazing.

Pullman said that Colonel Gilpin said “I know as a fact that over 50 people knew about Genduso’s past when she got on as a trooper.” Now THAT is something juicy, because it would indicate a widespread conspiracy to let a known drug dealer on. Genduso also liked this news because it would give her a reason to sue them, and Pullman said he would help her out (she is in the union after all).

Oh, and she thinks Pullman works for Turtleboy. I shit you not. That’s because he ended up double crossing her, and denied it all to the Globe, which prompted her to announce her resignation in front of two reporters. She then called up a guy she was in love with (hard to keep track of who that is at this point) and cried.

After she resigned she was somehow surprised that the union lawyer, who represents a union she is no longer a member of, wouldn’t return her calls to contest “dishonorable resignation,” nor will any other troopers.

She couldn’t get a job because everyone Googled her. Then she started dating a 31 year old firefighter (of course), but was still in love with unnamed man.

She couldn’t get a job working in life insurance, which is boring as shit anyways.

So she applied to work for a security company making $20 an hour, and lucked out when the guy who does her background check is also a former disgraced cop who believes in second chances.

So that’s what she’s doing now in case you were wondering.

At the end of the day I give this book a B+. It’s got some juicy details about breaking her hand, banging all these dudes that I didn’t know about, Risteen covering up the other trooper’s DUI, and all the troopers who ditched as soon as her name became toxic. Her trip to the loony bin was interesting too. Plus, reading the play by play about how she found out about the blog and the effect it had was riveting.

However, she never mentioned Dotolo or McGovern, and I think she’s leaving some shit out about how she got the job. Maybe not though. She could just be really dumb. I feel bad for her because she took the fall for a corrupt system that was never really fixed. I also think she probably was suicidal, and that stinks because we are anti-suicide. She was only in this position because a bunch of corrupt douchebags let her become a trooper, not thinking about what would happen if this information became public. Instead they distracted us all with some overtime scandals and never really addressed how Lt. Dotolo should be fired for letting her on. Nor did they investigate Peter Leavitt or Marian McGovern, and Risteen got to retire with pension.

All in all it was a good book, and I’m looking forward to the sequel to see who she bangs next in her never ending pursuit of climbing the ladder.


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