Disgraced Telegram And Gazette Columnist Goes Maskless Next To Elderly Man While COVID Positive Despite Getting Booster And Mocking Unvaccinated People 


Last February former Telegram and Gazette columnist Dianne “Pinot Crazy Ho” Williamson wrote about her idyllic new Jim Crow 2.0 caste system of segregation, in which vaccinated “the clean ones” like her were part of an elite group that could go wherever they want, and the unvaccinated “untouchables” would be ridiculed and shunned from polite society.

Treating a segment of the population as disease carrying vermin is what every genocidal regime does to get the majority to turn against the minority. But for Dianne this sort of dehumanization is part for the course. After all, just a couple months ago she was mocking me about mental health because she’s still upset that we criticized her for fat shaming a tow truck driver who towed her car despite not having Triple A.


Well, life comes at you fast, because despite being a good liberal and getting both shots plus a booster, Pinot Crazy Ho got the commie cold.

You can’t make up satire like this if you tried folks. On top of being horrible, disgusting, bigoted people, they’re also a walking parody, here for our amusement.

Yet two days ago this walking petri dish and spreader of deadly disease tried to murder a 92 year old man at O’Connor’s Restaurant.

Just a reminder that she believes Jim Jordan is an idiot for suggesting that COVID is over, and is lecturing others about being safe.

Meanwhile she’s walking around trying to murder old people. I would say that he’s safe because he’s vaccinated and boosted, but that didn’t work out too well for Dianne. If anything happens to Bill Clew it’s fair to say that Dianne will have blood on her hands.

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