Do Everything That SJWs Don’t Want You To Do And You Will Be Free


Over the weekend a cadet at the Army-Navy game was seen flashing the OK sign on TV, so naturally the media began to intentionally gaslight the American people into believing that this was a symbol of white supremacy.

I could humor this by pointing out that 4Chan trolls came up with the idea two years ago to intentionally spread the lie that this was a symbol of white power, hoping that social justice warriors would fall for it.

I could point out that by doing so SJWs are nothing more than puppets for the people they are attempting to fight against.

I could point out that several famous people, including liberals and people of color, have used the OK sign and thought nothing of it.

I could point out that millions of kids play something called the “circle game” that involves flashing this symbol.

I could point out that it’s a bad habit to allow “white supremacists” to take harmless hand gestures, appropriate them, and redefine our language and culture.

But that would be giving these people too much credit. The only thing you really can do with these people is laugh at them, and do everything that makes them upset:

You are all free people living in a free country. Your behavior doesn’t have to be dictated by blue checkmarks on Twitter writing rules from vegan coffee shops in Williamsburg. Every time you cower or alter your behavior for fear of being called a racist by them, they win. Don’t cower. Don’t bend. The only power they have is the ability to shame you into doing their bidding. When you cede this to them they will take something else tomorrow. They don’t want you to be free, but you are.

The people who perpetuate these lies are trying to decide what we are and aren’t allowed to say.  Nothing they say is to be taken seriously. Laugh at them. Mock them. They’ve put no thought into anything they say, which is why you shouldn’t put thought into debating them. The more you argue with them the more it seems like they have a legitimate viewpoint that should be taken seriously. They don’t.

I’ve had several people say they didn’t even know this was a symbol for white supremacy. I guarantee if I asked my parents neither of them would have a clue. That’s because the only people who perpetuate lies like this are blue checkmarks on Twitter. They choose to live in a self-hating bubble and expect all of us free people to conform to their chosen life of slavery to woke ideology. They pretend to be outraged and expect us all to conform to them. We don’t. Instead we can double down and do everything they don’t want us to do. They will call you a racist and you can ignore that too, because it’s meaningless. It will remind them how insignificant they are, and in doing so you will take what little power they have away from them. Join me in changing your profile picture to a picture of yourself giving the OK symbol.


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