Doherty High School Principal Fails To Alert Parents And Teachers After Canton Man Enters Building Carrying Gun To Hunt Down Boy Who Had Issues With Daughter


The Worcester Police Department issued a press release on Saturday about a parent who entered Doherty High School armed with a gun, looking for a male student who had an issue with his daughter.

Principal Sally Maloney never informed parents or teacher that a gun wielding man who drove here from Canton to hunt for a teenager who wronged his daughter had walked into the school unabated, and was allowed to roam the hallways without any pushback. The police report was not even taken until the next day. The school department went out of their way to cover this up two days before millions of parents kept their kids out of school over Tik Tok threats. Parents and teachers had a right to know this, but the information was kept from them in order to push the false narrative that police officers are not needed in the Worcester Public Schools.

This comes days after it was announced that the Worcester School Committee was removing resource officers from schools by the end of the calendar year. I became away of this on Friday afternoon and spoke with teachers in the building to confirm the story. None of them had heard about it expressed dismay that Maloney said nothing.

Left out of this press release from WPD is that the father and daughter rolled up to Doherty High School right after dismissal in his black BMW and saw a student leaving who was the cousin of the student they were looking for. They gestured the student over to the car, and this student was the first to see the gun on Jerome Weekes’ lap. This student was then able to text message his cousin who fled the building just in time. It’s unclear what he was staying after school for. Had he not done so the father would’ve found him and did what he came there to do with the gun. The father also came in contact with a teacher who had seen the students minutes earlier.

WPD didn’t publish a mugshot, but this man goes by the name Jerome Weekes on Facebook, works in Everett, and appears to be about 41 years old.

He’s a grown man who wears jorts and color coordinates his outfits. He was destined to be on Turtleboy one way or another.

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This Jerome Weekes sells cars at Boston Motorsports in Everett to some colorful characters with some interesting outfits, including Trap Queen Toad from Mario Kart.

He posts about every sale he makes, including a picture of the customers’ registration without blurring out their address.

He has videos of himself going to auctions and buying BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes, Nissans, Infinitis, and Mazdas, and presumably selling them later. He always films himself making the sale. Sometimes he delivers the car to their homes, and other times they meet him in what appears to be his residence, in what may or may not be Canton.

This particular Jerome Weekes also sells cars on, and lists the location as Canton.

Jerome is going for the washed up backup dancer from a 90’s rap video look, and has a litter of children he uses to sell cars, including a daughter who appears to be about the age of a high school student who may or may not go to Doherty High School.

After spending several years incarcerated, where many of his family pictures were taken, he’s now happy to shower his children (who had never met each other because they all came out of different women) with a ghetto college fund.

We can’t confirm with 100% certainty that this is the same Jerome Weekes from Canton who entered Doherty High School with a gun, but we can say with certainty that we put more effort into informing parents and teachers than administration did.



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