Domestic Abuser Cam Burns Films Himself Choking New Girlfriend Wearing Ankle Bracelet After Being Released On Bail


Last month we published a blog about a Wilmington domestic abuser named Cam Burns, after yet another girlfriend of his posted about him kicking the shit out of her.

I have little sympathy for any woman who would ever choose to be in a relationship with someone like Cam Burns, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is human garbage.

Since this is Massachusetts he got let off with $100 bail and a couple of the charges got dropped, according to his post-release Facebook manifesto.

“Before you comment bashing me what proof you have besides the Jessica Jackman shit from over a year ago”

Translation – besides that documented incident of domestic violence where I beat the bag out of a woman, what evidence do you have that I’m a woman beater? Plus, that chick put money in my canteen fund because she can’t walk away from toxic men, so this proves I’m a good person.

Anyway, he’s got a new girlfriend now, and he’s posting kinky videos of her rubbing the outside of his mutton dagger before he starts doing what he always does to women – choking her. But at least the two of them have something in common because she’s wearing an ultra sexy ankle bracelet with her lingerie.


Put this picture in the Ratchet Hall of Fame right now:

At least he doesn’t have to take her out for dinner or else the parole officer will be knocking on their door before he can give her a black eye!

Her name is Jade Minnerly and she’s from Portland, ME. And just like the last girl Cam beat up, Jade is the mother of two young boys, who hopefully she doesn’t have custody of. If you wanna be trash, and date trash, that’s on you. Don’t bring maggots like Cam Burns around your young boys. They’re gonna see him kick the shit out of you (and he WILL kick the shit out of you) and then they’re gonna grow up and treat women like that too. Then again I expected nothing less from someone this self-absorbed, whose self confidence must be so low because the only value she can bring to the world is her ability to give wegroes like Cam Burns an erection.



Seems like she has a type.

If you’re in your mid 20’s, and you refer to your friends as “my boys,” and your future plans mostly consist of getting new tattooes and avoiding paying child support, then give Jade a call after she inevitably makes a boo-hoo Facebook post about Cam Burns smacking her around.

Anyway, a few months back she was posting about “chasing goals” and “creating a new life for me and the children.”

But apparently that meant, “latching onto a domestic abuser, telling myself that the other women deserved it for making him upset, and convincing myself that I’m special so it won’t happen to me.”

Sorry, I just don’t feel that bad for these women, especially when they have kids. I don’t know her last name, but the ankle bracelet leads me to believe she’s got a bunch of Google trophies. A chick like that can have any dude she wants at the biker bar of her choice, and she chooses to be the notorious domestic abuser. Don’t feel bad for her when Cam Burns inevitably does what he does. She made her choice.

P.S. Hopefully he just beats her up instead of doing what his father did – killing himself right after he killed his ex-wife in 2015.



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