Don Bolduc Victim Of Attempted Assault By “First Amendment Auditor” Joe Hart Before Debate With Maggie Hassan In Manchester

Editor’s Note: There was an update to this story.

It was reported earlier that New Hampshire Republican Senatorial Candidate Don Bolduc was the victim of an attempted assault tonight while heading in to debate Maggie Hassan, and that the perpetrator was arrested.

The man who was arrested was an individual that turtle riders know very well – Joe Hart. Although you may know him better as Joa Orga, or Grundlestiltskin.

Joe is a self proclaimed First Amendment Auditor, most of whom are lonely, sex deprived men seeking to validate their existence on YouTube by harassing cops and other public servants in the hopes that one of them will snap so that they can proclaim themselves victims. We’ve written about Joe over a dozen times, including when he filmed and harassed a Johnston, RI cop who had pulled him over, then showed up at the officer’s house and posted pictures of his wife’s car Facebook.

In another incident he harassed a heroic female Central Falls Police Officer who once saved 6 adults and a child by pulling them out of a burning building while they were sleeping at 1:30 in the morning. But perhaps his finest work was when he played “fuck around, find out” with the Worcester Police during an “audit” with Josh Abrams in 2019, in which he ended up getting arrested for filming a domestic violence victim, and then squealed like a pig in mud while being put in handcuffs.

Apparently Joe now lives in Manchester and is still doing his thing on his YouTube channel, Breaking The Flaw. A turtle rider outside the debate tonight sent us video of the incident.

Bolduc walks by at the 8 second mark. Moments later you hear Grundlestiltskin’s distinct scream from the Worcester arrest, as members of Bolduc’s security yell “hey, hey,” police officers remove Bolduc from the scene, and tell onlookers to get back.

You can’t see what he did to Bolduc, but you can see Bolduc is clearly bothered by it as he is being whisked away by police, while members of his security tell police that Hart assaulted Bolduc. Moments later Grundlestiltskin was put in handcuffs, much to the amusement of the pro-Bolduc supporters, and taken away in his yellow highlighter sneakers.

To be clear, Joe Hart is not a Maggie Hassan supporter (to my knowledge), and would likely do the same to her if she came in his proximity. Two years one of his associates from Rhode Island, “Bucket Boy,” was arrested after heckling Joe Biden about touching children, before being beaten up by Jill Biden at a campaign event in New Hampshire.

From my time covering 1A auditors I’ve learned that they don’t vote at all, and have no loyalty to Democrats or Republicans. People like Orga and Bucket Boy are mostly self-serving losers whose only concern is collecting donations on their YouTube channels, which they solicit from anti-police “sovereign citizens” around the globe. YouTube allows people like him to monetize their channel, while thousands of others (including this reporter) have had their channels permanently demonetized for disagreeing with vaccine mandates.

The irony is that while this was happening President Biden was on television warning people about the dangers of right wing extremism coming from people like General Bolduc. But just like the man who allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi, Joe Hart has no political affiliation and is just your run of the mill asshole looking to mix it up with public servants for attention.

The debate went on without issue, as Bolduc has made up significant ground in the polls in the last 3 weeks. Both he and Congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt are leading over the Democratic incumbents in the most recent poll out of St. Anselm.

P.S. Here is Joe Hart calling me a child molester at the 20 minute mark of this video, before alleging I paid an underage girl $500K to stop making allegations about me. To be clear, none of this is documented.

Editor’s Note: There was an update to this story.

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