Dorchester Rapper Trains Dog To Attack Boston Police Officers Responding To Call, Alleges Police Brutality, Demands They Be Fired 


This is Oswin “Amaroah” Oliver from Boston.

I didn’t realize it until I googled him but someone blogged about him on TB in 2017, back when I had an arsenal of bloggers. He was big mad when we exposed his friend for selling her food stamps on Facebook and he sent Desk Girl a message to let her know that he was selling food stamps too.


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I only searched for his name today because he filmed himself over the weekend using his dog as a weapon and having it attack two Boston cops who were responding to a call at his house. The video provides no context (as usual) and starts off with his mother lying on the ground by the door, where he claims the police knocked her unconscious. MC Food Stamps then begins to sic his dog on the officers while calling them racial slurs, and he created an incredibly dangerous scene in which deadly force would’ve been justified because both officers could’ve feared for their lives.

That dog came out of nowhere and immediately started biting the white cop in the arm.

The Asian cop drew his weapon but did not fire, even though he’d be more than justified to do so. Then the dog bit the white cop in the leg and forced him to the ground where he continued to bite him.

There was also a young child there for the whole thing.

That child will now grow up thinking this is a completely normal way to interact with the police.

The dog should immediately be taken away from them because it’s clearly been trained to hurt people and could’ve easily died during that incident. They’re praising the dog for what it did, which means the dog will definitely attack a cop again.

“You f***ing up all those police officers like you supposed to? You was whoopin they ass.”

Let’s be perfectly clear here – Oswin Amaroah Oliver’s life doesn’t matter. If he was killed by the cops the world would immediately be a better place without him. At no point will he ever contribute anything of value to society, and instead he will continue to leach off the system, endanger the lives of people who do matter, and whine about what an oppressed little bitch he is. He’ll never own property, have credit, or open a bank account, but he will have mediocre weed for you to purchase if you don’t feel like spending money at the pot store.

And he’ll always have his high school equivalency participation trophy to fall back on.

Because high school is wicked hard.

I don’t know what happened before this to his mother, but I guarantee she deserved whatever happened to her, and is probably a complete waste of space herself. After all, look at the worthless maggot she raised.

Here he is wearing an American flag hat while his slampiglet gives the white power sign.

Ironically he will be the first to complain about “racism,” despite yelling “Look at his Asian ass face” to the police officer. This is what the final product of the black lives matter movement looks like, which is why no decent human being could still support it. He demanded their badge number so many times that he couldn’t hear it when the police finally told him what it was because he was yelling “what’s your badge number” over them. The police officers should be commended for using restraint, although I’d personally be happier if they didn’t.

Now Oswin Amaroah and the Hooked on Phonics Mafia is demanding that the cops be fired and reaching out to the media to shame the police officers they attacked.

What’s sad is that these mental midgets actually have political power. They get their way because the politicians who cater to them run the city and will immediately take their word over the word of any cop. This is, after all, a city where the most vile and racist pig to ever walk the earth – Monica Cannon-Grant – has actual political influence. And she’s seen the video.

After the incident Oswin Amaroah and his homey went outside and threatened to “f*** up” the cops who were standing outside of his house while bragging about how they used the dog to attack them. He admits in this video that his Mom is perfectly fine and was faking the whole thing.

Remember though, black people in America are afraid of the cops and avoid them at all costs. That’s the narrative we’ve been fed. He’s really, really oppressed collecting food stamps, selling pot, and living in section 8 housing in Dorchester where he works on his aspiring rap career under his rap name LilØz448.


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